Work at Home Training – 5 Tips to Prosper Online While Having a Social Life

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I just watched “Parental Guidance” here in Georgetown, Penang Malaysia. Great flick fun and light. I have a work at home life outside of my business. Good thing as I am traveling the world for the past 20 months. I was a former workaholic plowing through 18 hour days straining and striving all that crap. Then I woke up.

Who cares if you generate cash online while having no life outside of your home office? Live a rich life. Make money passively spend more time on vacations and then you can say you live the internet lifestyle.

Work at Home Training

Tip 1 – Get Up Earlier to Get a Social Life

I woke at 5:15 AM today and no it was not on purpose. I went to bed early last night though. I do usually wake between 7 and 8 AM so I get a good deal done before noon. Work your cash gifting club from a place of discipline. Get up earlier get your work at home job done and then get a life.

Tip 2 – Spend 30 Minutes or More on Personal Development Daily

Pull back and meditate or visualize or affirm. Or do all 3. PD junkies find out how to generate cash online by working less and less. Act intelligently and you act less work-wise and spend more time on the road or at the movies. Clear inner blocks to leverage each act. This is what the internet lifestyle is all about.

Tip 3 – Set Work Limits Each Day to Cut Your Attachments Fast

Workaholics have no work limits. No down time so a sick attachment to work builds and you ignore your social life. I am for being on purpose. I am for working daily. I am not for ignoring your social life because many brilliant ideas hit you at the movies or in the restaurant. You need to detach from your home business or cash gifting club to generate the most prospering ideas. Set work limits.

Tip 4 – Really Think Through Your Work at Home Day

I mean I could write 1 post today and leave comments on 20 blogs or I could write 10 posts and leave comments on 2 blogs. The old silly me went with number 1 and got a few leads a day. New me does the latter and gets more than a few leads a day in half the time so I can have a social life outside of my cash gifting work. Be smart.

Tip 5 – Be Careful Who You Emulate

I used to strive to be like Gordon Gecko from Wall Street. 20 hour days working like a beast and cashing in. Then I woke up. You can have a fortune by working less, being smart, doing things ethically and just keeping at it. I like my life now and my work at home team has grown since I adopted more high energy mentors.

Your Turn

How do you achieve the work/life balance?

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