Why You Scare off Prospects and How to Fix this Terrible Tendency

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I rocked it out in Hoi An Vietnam!

You are scaring off prospects. I know why. Cash gifting successes see success and attract success. Failures scare off prospects for 1 distinct reason. It is simple yet hard to locate at first because you are likely programmed to feel this way.

It is difficult and uncomfortable to ID your blind spots. We all have them. Do take a step back and if you are dreaming of generating cash online, which I know you are, you must become ready to embrace this idea.

I know, I know, you are ready and raring to go. You are so hungry to make money online and heck, I am with you. I am a prospering cash gifting coach and you want to learn from prospering folks. You are desperate, hungry, and…oh no! I just found out why you scare off prospects!!

Cash Gifting Prospects

You are….


On a deeper level you are terrified on missing out on a cash gifting lead or maybe you are afraid to miss out on cash gifts or maybe you are stressed about your bills. Unless you change the lower vibe within you will scare off prospects.

I care not how hard you work. This matters not because if your underlying programming screams desperation you send people to the hills.

Now I have the solution for you so do not worry. I know how you can succeed with cash gifting or making money online with any home based venture. But you must seize this solution and use it each hour of each day to lose the desperate vibe and begin attracting cash gifting prospects.

You must commit to using the technique to change your vibe and change your life. It never happens without your dogged persistent.

If you change your vibe prospects sprint to you with cash in hand!

If you change your vibe you will leave your 9-5, travel the world – come join me here – or do whatever the heck you want to do with your life.

This must be a real, full shift, from desperation to another place, another vibe. Commit to the excitement of living a new, freeing life and I promise you, the energy shift you experience will bring you to places you never dreamed of. Literally. I am living proof of this as I am…

…looking out over The Strait of Malacca as I write this….

I had no clue in hell where this was until I traveled here. Of course I am in Malaysia – googlers I know you found it aleady ;) – and I am living here because I changed my vibe from desperate to….

A Place of Full Posture!

That is what you need to do.

You need to have posture. You are special and your cash gifting club is damn special.

My Peoples Program team rocks! It is financial freedom wrapped in a wildly prospering activity. You can blast through financial setbacks with gifting and TPP makes it so easy for you to do it…if you will buy in!

Buy in by spending 5 minutes on every working hour affirming your wealth. Seriously just do it. Take a break. Go into a quiet room. Visualize yourself being a wealthy person.

Millionaires worry not about leads. They are not desperate. So if you visualize yourself wealthy and successful, making thousands of millions a month, so simply covering all your bills, you will rock it out.

Do this again and again hour after hour and the desperate vibe leaves you. You will never worry about cash gifting prospects again, and you will stop scaring off folks and start attracting winners.

This is how to shift your vibe. See yourself in your mind’s eye being wealth and it will happen. Affirm your wealth now and it will happen. Do it hour after hour day after day and it will happen.

The Universe has no choice it must give you what you desire, and see, and believe is yours.

So if you are ready to rock it out and blast through your financial limitations and plug in to a tremendously powerful system with The Peoples Program

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