Why the Internet Marketing Numbers Game Is a Load of Bunk

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Internet marketing is an energy game.

The numbers game crap is a lie. A lie which leads many to failure, to online doom.


Many are in a rush to nowhere, trying to talk to more people, generate more leads, contact more prospects.

Newsflash: How you feel determines where you are headed.

The numbers game crew is often in full panic mode, 24-7, 365.

Desperation chases the leads you wish to generate.

Fear repels. Faith attracts.

What you chase, flees, including people, or numbers, or whatever.

When you are happy, calm, and confident, you attract good things.

Numbers are just numbers. You do not do business with numbers. You do business with people.

Internet Marketing – Energy Behind Acts

As I write this I am smiling. I know the happy vibes I feel create happy results.

I know the energy behind my acts attracts circumstances consistent with this energy. So I attract high energy cash gifting folks.

I know straining and striving, going after silly things called “numbers”, creates more straining and striving.

Work hard, you work harder down the road. Force negates.

Now work-o-holics tell you different. They say it’s about busting your a**. It’s about outhustling the other person, or the “competition”.

But the feeling behind this mindset is that of fear, of anxiety, of desperation, which creates fear, anxiety and desperation.

Work hard. You have to work even harder down the road.

A tough lesson to learn, especially for a former work-o-holic like me. But I learned it, and now know the smilinglest way is the best way.

Feel work. Work light. Attract good.

Internet Marketing Homework

Take breaks every hour or so. Get up and laugh. Do it.

Take meditation breaks at least 3 times a day. Observe your feelings.

How you feel determines where you go, who you meet, how much money you make, pretty much everything.

Hold a vibe throughout most of the day, it becomes your predominant feeling. Hold the predominant feeling for a bit, watch how quickly life changes.

The numbers game is bunk. You are an energetic magnet, attracting ideas, circumstances and people based on how you choose to feel in each moment.

Keep pulling back. Keep watching your feelings. Keep taking breaks.

Check your feelings frequently. Every 5 minutes if you are feeling particularly low energy.

You can contact 1,000 people today but if your energy sucks good luck reaching many prospects, or making any conversions.

Energy game. Repeat it to yourself, over and over.

Energy game. Energy game. Energy game.

Internet Marketing Summary

Remember that you play an energy game. Laugh. Now. Smile. Lighten up. Take meditation breaks.

Your internet marketing skills take off as you play the energy game each moment of the day.

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