What Do You Bring to the Table?

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Prospects ask this question after seeing your ads.

Clicking your links.

Visiting your squeeze page.

Internet marketing is simple. Share. Receive. Give value. Receive value. The formula never changes.

Some lie, cheat. Do everything but tell the truth. Might make a few bucks trying to get before you give but karma catches up.

Others are lazy. See select Facebook Groups. Or your average twitter feed. No giving no getting.

What do you bring to the table?

Watch as I discuss from Hanoi Vietnam.


I am not talented like you Ryan. I don’t have your drive.

Bullshit. You are lazy. You love easy, and are apathetic. You are lying.

Stop making excuses. Take off your mental handcuffs.

Bring something to the table.


Blog posts. Open blogger. Write a post. Videos. Buy a cam. Shoot a video. Upload.

Articles. Join ezinearticles.com, write an article, publish.

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Start writing. Sit and stare at a blank note pad for 10 minutes. Or 50.

Eventually your ego stops whining. You write.

You bring something to the table.

So people might click on your link.

Or join your home based opportunity.

Or sign up for your Free Internet Marketing eCourse.


People trust trustworthy people. People who bring something to the table.

I can promise you that prospering with our home based opportunity is a piece of cake. But did I ever show you how? If not, you better not trust me.

If I withhold secrets you better not trust me. I wouldn’t.

No. I need to see you teach me for free until you teach me for money. Or until I send a pledge or buy into your network marketing team.

Table Setters

Table setters make money in network marketing. Heck with any home based opportunity. Table setters give a ton and get a ton.

Internet marketing is not trying to part people from their money. Or trick them into a sale. IM is giving value in the form of content and receiving value in the form of money.

The sow reap rule, rules. In any network marketing business, or promotional activity.

Internet Marketing Summary

So do you bring it? Ask the question. Wait for an honest answer. Start setting tables to prosper as an internet marketing pro.

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