5 Places on Earth with the Most Free Range Chickens (that I Have Seen)

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One of the funnier things a guy from New Jersey spots during his world travels is the presence of roaming chickens. Sometime about it makes me laugh. I am used to seeing no chickens, or cooped chickens, but in many areas the free range bit is normal.

Few people clip chickens with their car or motorbike. Free range is normal in much of the world.

I snapped the above image in Chiang Mai, Thailand yesterday. I have seen some absolute monstrous roosters in places like Bali, Costa Rica and India.

One particular rooster in Nueva Arenal, Costa Rica strutted his stuff through our backyard each morning, crowing like a champion. Fun stuff. Not the type of thing you see in Plainfield, New Jersey.

1: Bali

In Jimbaran we were woken by the crowing of an impressive cockerel. At 2 AM, 5 AM, 10 PM, when we went to bed early. This guy liked the sound of his own voice, and made sure we knew this.

In Sanur, we saw free range chickens. In Ubud of course by the rice fields, and in Jimbaran, and all over the island you will see chickens crossing the street, not crossing, chilling, running, picking at the ground for food. Definitely the free range chicken capital of the world.

2: Phuket

I remember our first day in Phuket. We looked down from our hotel deck to see a herd of chickens working the street. An impressive male headed the flock. This was in Chalong. We soon saw chickens in Rawai, Pataong, Nai Harn Beach, heck, everywhere.

Kata, Karon, you name it, chickens on the street. Almost as many chickies as soi dogs…..almost.

3: Costa Rica

Costa Rica was big on free range chickens. We lived by a chicken coop in Quepos. Each morning 1 less chicken appeared as the day’s pot of chicken broth boiled. Sad, but it is what it is.

We saw 2 impressive roosters working this group of hens. Each day on the way to lunch Kelli and I walked through the crew of chicks, strutting their stuff.

4: Peru

Chicken is huge in Cusco, Peru. So everywhere you look you are bound to see chicks running across the road, skirmishing and foraging for grubs. I saw a few impressive roosters on my street by the local university.

Chicken here, chicken there. Sometimes you are just stunned by the number of roaming chickens and low incidence of road accidents. I have seen only a few unfortunate chickens laid out on the street during my world travels. A few in Lodtunduh Bali as the motor bike drivers go like bats out of hell.

5: India

India was another chicken biggie. From the little crew behind our apartment in Pondicherry, to large groups in Kovalam Beach we always seemed to come across chickens running here and there, crowing, strutting, styling and profiling.

Chickens roll deep in India. With few people eating red meat chickens are a primary protein source of the non veg crowd.

Special mention goes to Vietnam. Kelli and I spotted quite a few chickens around the rice fields of Hoi An.

Do free range chickens chill where you live?

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