5 Tips for Boosting Social Media Engagement Quickly

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Marketing on social media sites can help you make money online. Why?

Social media can:

  • Increase your trust factor
  • Boost your authority
  • Promote your transparency
  • Make you more like-able

Of course only smart social media use elicits these glowing benefits. Engaging your Facebook friends, twitter followers and Google Plus circle mates makes the social media world go round and round.

Your friends buy from trusted sources. Your friends hire trusted individuals. Trusted people engage their friends because proving that you are a listener, and responder, attracts to you people who need your solutions to their problems.

All online success stories are based on listening to the needs of a targeted audience and building tailored solutions based on these needs.

Social media is perhaps the most powerful platform – after blogging – to listen, respond and to address the needs of your audience. Engaging on social sites is THE fuel that drives the business growth engine.

1: Text Only Tweets Please

Twitter is not a broadcasting platform. Engaging makes you stand out from the crowd. What is one of my favorite engagement strategies? I send out or RT text only tweets a few times daily.

People’s eyes glaze over if you tweet link, after links, after link, for days, months and years. I kid you not, some folks have never tweeted a text only update in months. Tweeters tune out link happy tweeters.

Toss in text only tweets. One or 2 text tweets usually elicits a retweet or response from your followers. Tweeters appreciate a rare bird.

2: Ask More Questions

Ask and you shall receive engagement. Knock, and you will find sociable people. Ask questions each day or every other day on Facebook, twitter and all social sites you work to increase interaction with followers.

Tossing in the odd question makes your audience feel important. People love to answer. People love to be heard. Smart bloggers who want to make money online ask many questions. Content idea gold resides in the answers of your social media buddies. Listen in. Listen up. Prosper accordingly.

3: Share More Answers

If someone asks a question on Facebook or twitter answer the question. Doing so generates some mean – in a good way – social media karma. Responding to questions boosts your social engagement pronto because most users totally ignore questions.

Answer questions to stand out from the hurried, selfish crowd. Answer questions to boost engagement. Answer questions to stoke your creative fire; I published many a blog post by answering questions on Google Plus, Facebook or twitter.

4: Promote More People

Promote more people to become a popular sonofagun. I make money online by helping you make money online by promoting the heck out of ya. Golden Rule here. Give whatever you wish to receive.

Promoting people starts the engagement train. If I share someone’s post that someone will generally respond in thanks. I then respond, or I Like or Plus 1 their comment. Engagement takes off if you are kind, giving, and generous. Promote more people. Retweet, FB share, Like, G Plus ‘em to death.

5: Persist Like Heck

Show up daily. People who appear to be all over the place learned the great social secret; if you show up frequently they will come. Persistently work tips 1 through 4. Work daily.

Chatters made a habit of chatting even if nobody appeared to be listening. Keep talking. Eventually, if you ask, and answer, and promote, you will boost your social media engagement.

Know why you want to rock out social media websites. Most people use social without any plan in mind. Social media superstars know why they want to use this marketing strategy. Here lies the persistent few who engage, create value and brand themselves effectively on Facebook, Google Plus and other social sites.

What tips can you add?

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