What Silly Step Ensures Your Online Success?

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From July 2013. Image of the road beside our house in Monteverde, Costa Rica. We saw 0 to 1 cars a day travel down the road.

From July 2013. Image of the road beside our house in Monteverde, Costa Rica. We saw 0 to 1 cars a day travel down the road.


I am feeling good now.

Missing Kovalam Beach already although we do not leave until tonight….but excited about our visit to Chennai.

I took a step this morning to ensure my online success and happiness.

I am absolutely guaranteed to succeed today because I prepared myself to succeed.

The step I took is silly in that it takes little time and energy to do, although we work so hard at times, with all our might, NOT to do it.

What is the silly step?

Not caring.

Wait a sec…..Ryan is Mr. Push Yourself to Make Money Online. What does he mean?


Make Money Online: Not Caring


I mean detaching from outcomes. Right now I can complete this post. Or go to sleep.

Considering I woke at 3 AM today and it is 8 AM I have been up for 5 hours already.

Churned out a ton of work too. My work at home gigs require me to work but the manifesting happens when I stop caring.

When I detach from outcomes. Because I can only create good things by doing my job, letting go and trusting in the Universe.

Not caring does NOT mean avoiding work.

You still need to work to make money online.

Working light though, not working from a desperate, attached, worried place. Do this and you are golden.

Do this and online success is yours. Do this and your blog posts become like online classes for bloggers.

Carefully watch your vibe while you work to become a more skilled creator.


Practical Tips for Detaching

  • Meditate daily to watch your attachment to outcomes
  • Fall in love with your work; at this point you will no longer obsess over results
  • Take your time; going slowly and patiently through your day detaches you from outcomes
  • Work from a light, airy, calm confident and peaceful space
  • Remove all drama from your life, including desperate people who are heavily attached to outcomes
  • Make money online from an intelligent, anaytical space by calmly thinking through your marketing campaign
  • Set up your work at home environment to create a minimal amount of stress; move your home office away from the street, work in quiet, shut off your cell phone for extended periods each day

The Silly Part

Most people connotate “not caring” with being a slacker, or a loser, or a bum.

To the contrary, someone who detaches gets their work done, inspires others and simply does not care about the outcome.

Such a person falls in love with processes and detaches from what happens as far as outcomes. Most people believe this is silly, or weird, or a waste of time, because most people attach themselves to outcomes and suffer mightily due to their attachments.

Example: if I blog to make money blogging and cash does not flow in quickly, within 1 month, or even 2 weeks, I would go nuts.

I needed the money. I blogged for money.

Where is the money?

Attached people then do stupid stuff like spamming or lying to people to squeeze money out of them, or to attempt to squeeze money out of them, and karma ensures that money sprints from them so they remain broke.

On the flip side of the coin if you are blogging just to blog, or help people, your blog is set up like a series of online classes designed to help your fellow bloggers.

Focusing on the process – creating value – and detaching from outcomes – money, fame, etc – helps you easily achieve a high energy, successful outcome quickly.

But you need to get rid of the notion that detaching from outcomes is silly, or stupid, or reckless, in order for you to not care.

Do you attach heavily to blogging outcomes?

How can you better detach?

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