My Most Horrendously Brutal Cash Gifting Lesson and What You Can Learn from It

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I suffered through a horrific cash gifting lesson for months.

The block stunted my sharing club growth. Caused misery, suffering and unending anxiety.

The block led to all types of financial headaches, anger, resentment, and hostility.

The lesson was brutal. I resisted learning from it, so I continued making the same mistakes.

My creativity waned. I was less prolific. I helped fewer people.

Of course, the block was in me, 100% my responsibility, and I needed to own it, before I could release it.

You might be suffering through this lesson now, but you can learn from it instantly, release it and prosper.

Cash Gifting – Brutal Lesson

I was fully attached to outcomes. This was difficult enough.

The absolutely mind-numbing, horrific block? I was 1000% attached to my email inbox.

Sometimes I checked it every 3 days, because I feared not seeing any opt-ins.

Sometimes I left it open all day, to accustom myself to looking at it without flipping out.

Seriously, this fear crippled me. I did not own it though, I just resisted it.

I killed the fear, learned my lesson, and prospered from it, with a 2 pronged approach.

I went into deep meditation every single day. Meditation helps expand your awareness, so you become more observant of your thoughts.

I finally saw, embraced and released my fear, with persistent meditation.

After I released the fear, I saw the cure, instantly.

I was too obsessed with receiving, so I needed to bump up the giving department.

I wrote more articles every day. I promoted my cash gifting club aggressively, I promoted other gifters, and I supported my team even more intensely.

I kept giving, focusing on the success of my team, and helping out prospects, and writing content rich articles, and all that good stuff.

As I became fully focused on giving I detached from receiving.

Naturally, after this detachment I received record numbers of opt-ins, new team members, and my team prospered more quickly, too.

Cash Gifting Lesson – The Seed

The seed of the lesson, that I suffered through, was to meditate, to become fully aware of your block.

I buried it, I ignored it, until I became fully aware of it, and released it.

Then, I took the action step to focus more on giving, and detach from receiving.

If you are failing at sharing clubs take the 2 steps today. Meditate for 10 to 20 minutes a day, and begin observing your fears surrounding the activity.

Then, take a definitive action step around giving more freely, by writing articles, promoting your club and helping prospects or your team.

Learn more quickly from your lessons and prosper accordingly with your cash gifting club.

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