Orange Robed Monks and Taxi Cab in Bangkok Thailand

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I am still in Chiang Mai. Not heading back to Bangkok. But Kelli arrived today from the states. She brought the download thingee for my digital camera. Some might call it a USB card?

Whatever. I am overjoyed to see my lovee. Deeply grateful to be together after a month apart.

We can now make money online together, and I can cool it – a little bit – on the selfie front as Kelli can take images of me, and us together, now. But I will have to use my tablet here and there. It is WAY to cool to put on the shelf!

I also dig the photos I can now upload, including this awesome shot from Bangkok.

I snapped this image a few hours after arriving in Thailand 1 month ago, about to the day. I was delayed a bit due to the protests in and around BKK. Political turmoil over the PM as you may have noted on national news.

Anyway I took this neat shot of the monks walking down the street. Note how one monk shields himself from the sun. Many monks walk with umbrellas to take care of their skin. Others walk barefoot. It matters not whether they are in cities, or country side, they will walk barefoot. Amazingly tough feet on the sandal-less crowd.

Thais and Sun

A bit more on the sun and Thai thing. Most Thais hate the sun. Light skin is in demand in Thailand. For whatever reason – well I know why – people avoid the sun like the plague. In truth, commoners, or peasants, usually become dark. Imagine being in the rice fields all day long?

Most Thai care not to be thought of as a commoner or peasant. They want to inside, working in offices or shops, away from the back-busting work many Thai suffer through working outside each day.

Because of this many Thai avoid the sun all together, or if they work outside they will wear jackets, sweat suits, heavy winter coats, masks, gloves, boots, hats, or any type of clothing to cover virtually all of their skin.

During hot months the temp skies well over 100 F. Yes, the Thai still wear all those clothes. We are hitting 90 to 94 daily here. I saw a woman bundled up in a THICK winter coat the other day, with hoodie, the whole shebang.


White skin rocks. At least to Thais. Of course look out at the pool. Farang from the USA, England, Switzerland, Aussies, heck folks from all over the world come here to sun. Most Thai think they are loons, darkening their precious white skin.

Anyhow, I believe the monks seek protection from the sun with a different motive in mind other than aiding their ego.

See how fun it is to make money online? How could I ever write posts like these back in NJ? I mean I could research, but no way I am snapping these way cool shots, right?


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