Why Your Money Story Might Be Destroying Your Life

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Meet Ryan Biddulph. I am a globe-trotting, cash gifting fool (That is me above feeding endangered squirrel, or titi, monkeys on my front porch in Quepos, Costa Rica….crazy, crazy experience). I have trips to Thailand and a mystery island – one of the most stunning on earth, if not THE most stunning paradise on earth – set up for the next 10 months. Yeah, life is good…..because I changed my money story. Rewind a few years. I was a broke, fired, miserable security guard. Even though I made a few dollars online my money story SCREAMED….


“I had 4 cents and was $50,000 in debt.”


That, in fact, happened, 4 years ago….but I held onto that same money story. I told the story to people. Not so much to inspire them but to drill the point home that I was an underdog who overcame unreal odds to make it…..except that I had not made it at that point. The money I began to make money online with regularity was the moment I changed my money story. I saw myself as wealthy. I felt wealthy. More importantly I stopped telling the same old broke money story to eradicate that story.


Money Making Secret


Here it is: your life follows the story you choose to tell yourself about your life. Think that one through. The narrative you choose to speak creates your life. Without exception, any broke people I speak to are quick to tell me about their broke-ness. I did the same thing 4 years ago. My money story sucked. I told a sucky money story. Naturally the same story re-created my life over and over, setting me up for poverty-stricken results. I made a turn when I decided to tell a wealthy, powerful, globe-trotting story.


Practical Tips


  • tell yourself how wealthy you are right now….speak OUT LOUD
  • if you feel uncomfortable doing this, or feel like you are lying to yourself, good; this is an introduction to being wealthy
  • catch yourself with some device the moment you tell a shitty money story….a rubber band snap on the wrist works nicely
  • surround yourself with images of opulence and wealthy people
  • speak your money story 5, 10 or 500 times daily….if you are broke you have all the time in the world to get rich
  • assess your feelings about wealth; people with little money often explain how money cannot buy happiness then around to bitch about not paying the bills, or how they are depressed about their meager existence
  • Observe your feelings around wealthy people; I only became comfortable around millionaires after 4 years of exposing myself to these individuals in person….plenty of terrible money stories in old interactions


I know you can succeed. I know that you want to be rich. Unless you are set on being a monk, sitting in a temple in Thailand, giving up a worldly life, please do not bullshit me. You want a roof over your head and food on the table, Since we no longer use sheep as a means of trading you need money, and plenty of it, to buy a home and to purchase food. Money can help homeless people. Giving through philanthropy empowers struggling people to make their own money.


Change your money story. Tell a high energy story to see high energy results. If I can go from broke joke to globe-trotting internet lifestyle junkie so can you.

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Ryan Biddulph

Former fired security guard and current world traveler, Ryan Biddulph lives the internet lifestyle in tropical hot spots like Bali, Phuket, Koh Lanta and Hoi An.

Add trips to: Costa Rica, Peru, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, Nepal, India and Myanmar, and you have the makings of a serious travel junkie.Ryan enjoys working out, meditating, taming tigers, feeding wild monkeys and helping you live internet lifestyle.
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