The Most Critical Skill for a Money Making Blogger

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Have you ever heard the story behind the Rocky movies? Brilliant stuff. Click the following link to learn about the amazing story.


The Rocky Story


OK on to the Cliff’s Notes version. Sylvester Stallone turned down hundreds of thousands of dollars – when he only had hundreds of dollars to his name – to honor his vision.


He did not chase quick money that did NOT fit into his vision. He needed the situation to feel right for him to move forward. Wow. What a lesson that we money making bloggers need to adopt. Not to sell out or more importantly we need to do what feels right and whatever fit into our vision.


My Example


A few minutes ago I read through an email presented to me by a ghostwriting client. I assessed the time and energy commitment in respect to the ultimate payoff. Then I viewed the potential job and how it fit into my total, full, brilliant vision. After reading through a few more times later I will happily either move forward or release the job for someone who could devote their best energies to it.


Honest to goodness, when I had $20 to my name, I did the same thing. I did the Rocky bit on some level because I routinely passed on work that did not fit into my vision. With a nice stash and rapidly growing bankroll turning down potential work and money is easier these days yet I still must fight myself, when I think about challenging myself in a situation that would not feel right.


Money Making Blogger: Visionary Stuff


OK, I get paid $35 to $45 or more for 500 word articles I submit to SEO companies. I do 5 minute’s worth of research – if any – for these articles. I can churn them out in 15 to 20 minutes. I also have been attracting new cash gifting team members from $125 to $400 per gift recently.


I also have other prosperity channels opening up, and most of all, these channels have manifested because I remained true to my vision and did not force myself to do something that took up significant time and energy for a minimal, non-vision-related, payoff.


If I took the above mentioned job I would be doing at least a few hour’s worth of due diligence, combined with future work in that direction. Awesome opportunity! But not an opportunity that vibes with my vision.


The Most Critical Skill


The most critical skill for a money making blogger is to decide what vibes with your vision, which means what to say YES to and more importantly, what to say NO to. This is a challenge, even when you have money in the bank, but when you are broke, you will be tested in ridiculous ways to stay on course. Sly Stallone has $100 in his bank account on his 29th birthday.


He still turned downed $400,000 because the opportunity did not fit into his vision. He said no to the opportunity so he could say yes to HIS opportunity.


Get it?




Know where you are going. I always saw this blog as some ridiculously famous, cnn style news resource for people who want to make money online so I say YES to activities that support this vision and NO to any activity that does not support this vision. Sure you might need to put food on the table. Say YES to income producing acts that are simple and easy to do and save the bulk of your energy to making your vision and fortune a vivid, tremendous reality.


So, do you know when to say NO?


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