Making Money Online with Article Marketing – 7 Proven Tips

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Making big money online with article marketing requires you to focus on details. Prospering article marketers make money by paying attention to details which failures ignore. Hold this intent in mind at all times: focus on my target market. Only write articles which are keyword-rich. SEO optimized articles perform well in search engines, driving heavy traffic to your website, which makes you more money.

Big money flows to you as you move into effective action. Effective, intelligent acts make your job a zillion times easier. Why? One well-written, value-packed, keyword rich article pops up in front of hundreds to thousands, to tens of thousands of interested viewers. So you prosper while away from the computer, on the beach, or with your family, while the article runs on the first page of google for a competitive search term.

Making Money Online with Article Marketing

1 – Select Proper Keywords

Select keywords from your niche. Pick words with 100 to 1000 views each day to ensure you receive sufficient traffic. Use Google’s keyword tool to select cash gifting or other home based opportunity keywords. Work in long term keywords to drive moderate traffic to your blog on a consistent basis. Topping google for a 100 search per day keyword over 1 month brings a nice amount of prospects to you, helping you prosper persistently.

2 – Placement

Use your keyword once in your title, once in the first and last sentence, and twice in a set of h1 tags for a 400 word article. Strategic keyword placement sings to search engines. Resist the urge to stuff your content with keywords, which turns google off. Practice writing your article with keywords in the proper locations. Read your article out loud. If the article sounds awkward, reword if necessary.

3 – Compelling Resource Box

Move people into action with your resource box. Provide a value-packed giveaway related to your niche as an incentive to sign up on your squeeze page. End each article with a clear cut call to action. Tell readers what to do next. Without a call, readers usually do nothing except close out your article page and forget about you.

4 – Submit to Multiple Directories

Submit articles to multiple directories to increase the likelihood of placing well in search engines. Readers digest content through multiple channels; cater to your readers and expand your presence. You can use a article submitter but I prefer to submit manually to a few select article bases which perform well for me in search engines. and are a few article directories to use.

5 – Bookmark Articles to Social Networks

Bookmark articles to high ranking social networks like Facebook, twitter and google plus to boost your SEO juice. Improve positioning in search engines and drive more traffic to your site. Making big money means getting your content in front of hungry, prying eyes. Bookmarking on social sites is a quick way to do this.

Never forget: sharing is caring. Promote other people to build your network and expand your presence, as generous friends promote your article on sites like twitter and Facebook. The more you give the more you get.

6 – Post on Niche Specific Sites

Post articles on niche specific sites like and to boost opt-ins and prosper. Position yourself as an authority in your niche. These sites also rank high in search engines, and more than one of my ning sites produce articles which reach page 1 of google for competitive keywords.

Simply open up a new blog post, copy and paste. Leverage your content. No need to reinvent the article each time you publish the content. No penalties here.

7 – Persist like Heck

Persisting opens doors that quitters never see. Write each day to perfect your craft. Increase your chances of topping google and creating a massive money making, article masterpiece. Persistent article marketers create passive cash flow quite easily; so much of their value-packed content floating around the web.

Making Money Online with Article Marketing – Summary

Select keywords which yield sufficient traffic to make money online with article marketing. Work in long tail keywords to dominate these terms, helping you drive passive, persistent traffic to your website. Use proper keyword placement to place well in search engines. Craft a compelling resource box which includes a value-packed giveaway. Include a clear and specific call to action to inspire readers to visit your capture page.

Submit to multiple directories. Cater to reader preferences and increase the likelihood of topping search engines. Bookmark on social sites to improve your SEO. Post the article on niche-specific sites to establish your authority and boost search engine traffic. Persist like heck in creating article to perfect your craft and increase your content creation footprint on the web.

Making money online with article marketing becomes easier if you follow each of these 7 tips.

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