3 Reasons Why Worrying about Your Online Reputation Decreases Your Net Worth

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Do I care what people think about me? Yes. And no. I think about my reputation. I know the make money online niche has attracted some generous and unsavory types, both, and that I want to proceed from a high energy space to fall within the generous crowd. So yes I do think about my online reputation…..but do I worry about my rep? Hell no. Worrying only forces you to do scared, stupid stuff consistent with a person who fears more about losing something than gaining anything.




Here and there some people send me social comments or blog comments deriding cash gifting. If I feared what others would think about me after reading these comments I would be worrying about my online reputation. I would do everything I could do to respond quickly, to go into damage control – whatever that is – and to make sure that people believe I am an honest guy who teaches you how to make money online.


All of this wasted energy and worry could have been transmuted into positive energy and calm confidence, the type of energy which would inspire me to create blog posts, videos and newsletters which would best serve you.


The fewer posts and newsletters I publish the more my net worth decreases.


Worry does you no good. Maybe you were conditioned to believe you can only achieve stuff if you worried about stuff but this is a lie. Calm, peaceful, worry free people achieve many times more than paralyzed worry worts who worry themselves sick over anything and everything. Take a page from successful people; learn how to intelligently approach any problem from a high energy, confident space. Save yourself worries, get stuff done, keep your good name intact.


Reason 1: Worry Does You No Good


Whatever you worry about you lose. Example; each second I worry about losing my reputation the loss occurs. The worry energy attracts more people and situations which would cause me worry.You can solve any situation you worry about without worrying. I can write my posts and make new connections and always hop onto my Facebook to respond to a comment later in the day….or I can choose to ignore it. Why?


My friends will trust me more than a critic. So no need to worry, because I am not trying to attract more critics into my life…..just rabid fans….and if I give critics my energy I will attract more critics….and if I ignore them, they will disappear.


Reason 2: You Cannot Change as Many Minds as You Believe


I remember trying to convert gifting skeptics. Trying to convert a stubborn, unclear, unhappy person is a lesson in futility. Do not try to convert; simply meet more people who dig what you do and what you are about. Worry-worts want everybody to like them. Unfortunately some people will dislike you no matter what, and worrying about trying to change someone’s mind, and then following through on your worries, is a total waste of time.


Be a winner. Make money online by finding good matches and letting go poor matches. Releasing the need to convert allows prospering, perfect matches to find you, which boosts your net worth quickly.


Reason 3: Lack Energy Makes You Go Broke


Worry is rooted in a feeling of lack. You might worry about losing money or prospects or your online reputation. Losing anything is impossible in an abundant Universe. So if you keep worrying about loss you will lose more money and prospects and reduce your net worth dramatically.  Focus on abundance. More than enough is out there for you……really, everything is yours if you reach out your mental hand to take it.


Lack energy is poison. Think abundance. Dwell on your blessings. Slowly and confidently share value with your target audience to make money online. Stop worrying about losing your reputation.


Build a positive rep by creating value and promoting the heck out of people, commenting on their blogs and building their reputation and by karma you will develop an awesome online rep which you will never have to worry about losing if you continue to create value and build your connections from a high energy space.


Do you worry about losing your online rep? Why? How can you effectively deal with this dangerous worry? What can you do to address all forms of worry concerning your business? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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