How Did an Outside Toilet Teach Me How to Make Money Online?

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Kelli: “Where is the toilet?”

Indian Bus Driver: “Outside toilet.”

Kelli: “Where is that?”

Indian Bus Driver: “Anywhere.”


OK we are not used to relieving ourselves ANYWHERE in the West. Strict laws are in place preventing one from doing these things in public. India has a different standard which amuses me. Men whizzing on walls, or just anywhere on the street, does make me laugh a bit as I feel somewhat embarrassed and amused by the practice.

I mean going outside? Relieving myself in front of others? Totally embarrassing. I am a bit more accustomed to the practice after spending time in places like Laos and Cambodia, and not India, where public urination is a routine thing, but the ashamed, “it’s just wrong” feelings plague me each time I need to go in such a setting. It feels wrong. I feel ashamed. But since such practices are normal here I need to get over myself.

Making Money Online

Success is had by people who get over themselves. People who make money online regularly get over themselves, not being afraid to look foolish, or silly, or to get caught with their pants down…..metaphorically, not in the outside toilet sense lol!

I was scared to:

  • write my first blog post
  • shoot my first video
  • write my first newsletter
  • call my first prospect

All because I was not over myself. I focused on preservation of ego, trying to avoid criticism, and because of this I struggled horribly! So bad in fact that I got so disgusted with my online gigs that I really went above in beyond getting over myself, expressing myself freely and letting my personality out in a major league way.

Not Easy or Comfortable

Getting over embarrassment, letting your personality out and expressing yourself fully feels like a chore at first. The feeling of being ashamed overpowers you. Bracing for harsh criticism becomes the norm. But one thing I have learned from many other cultures around the world….most people do not give a shit!

Really, guys whip it out and go anywhere without shame because their is no self-consciousness, or negative connotation associated with natural, bodily functions. If ya gotta go ya go. So you go. Cut through these feelings. Knife through them.

The Lesson

Getting over yourself allows the creative dynamo out. Getting over yourself helps you to brand yourself effectively. Cutting through the embarrassment can lead to full expression, to stunning success. Make money online by getting over yourself. Stop worrying about what others think.

Shoot high energy, creative videos. Publish powerful, expressive, freeing blog posts. I thought twice about publishing this post because of the potentially saucy subject matter but after 2 thoughts I published. This is how to make money online. This is how you express yourself, and build your brand, and become wildly successful.

Because like no other bloggers who teach you to make money online are sharing a similarly-themed blog now. Guarantee it. Nope. Not talking about outside toilets and how getting over yourself helps you prosper. My niche. My power. My story. Stories are ridiculously prospering!

Your Turn

Ever use an outside toilet? How was your experience? ;)

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