Do You Have too Many Irons in the Fire?

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OK, you got me. I went Gordon Gekko. I was scanning my tablet while working my laptop. All well and good I suppose but, if you want to make money online, learn to do 1 thing at a time. Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Gordon Gekko for the uninitiated was the gazillionaire stock broker in the movie “Wall Street.”



He watched multiple computer screens and fielded non-stop phone calls during his 18 hour work days. The man was successful and made a ton of money but suffered through stress and a series of heart attacks.  So we see that having too many irons in the fire can drive you into sickness.


Make Money Online: Down Time Prospers You


I find my best ideas in silence. I suffer through my deepest stresses trying to get multiple things done at once. Since I caught myself after 5 minutes of trying to multi-task I avoided major league stress. Down time prospers you. Take frequent breaks to sit in silence. Or to exercise. No matter what you do just get away from your online duties every hour or 2 to remain peaceful, calm and balanced. At this point you will have few issues generating prospering ideas.


My Story


I used to push myself to make money online. I worked harder and longer to make a living…..but this approach soon backfired. Creative, money making ideas find the relaxed, peaceful mind and my mind was chaotic, moving from here to there and back, always racing, worrying, pushing, straining and striving to reach my goals.


I worked 37 hours in a row once. Seriously. I would work like an animal, worry about outcomes, check out my outcomes, see little money, flip out, get angry, pull back from my work for a little bit…..then I would work longer and harder next time….only to create the same destructive, hellish cycle again and again and again.




One day – after about 4 years online – I finally learned my lesson. Working longer and harder and trying to do 2, or 4 or 10 things at once was not the answer. Being present, calm and detached is the answer. Being in the moment is the answer. Focusing your mind fully on doing one thing makes that one thing expand, meaning that you do a damn good job doing that one thing, which means you manifest the outcomes you so want to manifest with minimal, stress-free, relaxed effort.


The Cure


Use a few practical tips to improve “too many irons in the fire” syndrome:

  • take short frequent breaks throughout your work day
  • meditate daily
  • breathe deeply and slowly 3-5 times day for a few minutes at a time
  • slow down your activities; focus on each act to become mindful

These few tips can free you. Honest to goodness. I suffered from Racing Thoughts Syndrome for many years before I got serious. I became fed up. Then, after being disgusted with my life, and trying to do too many things at once I relaxed, pulled back and began to trust in The Universe. Trusting allowed me to take more frequent breaks from my work, which allowed me to attract more prospering people, ideas and circumstances with increasingly less and less effort.


The Conclusion


So, do less work and rest more. Stop trying to do 2 or 10 things at once. Focus on doing 1 thing at once because you can only physically do one thing at once.


Do you try to put too many irons in the fire? Are you trying to do too many things at once? How can you overcome this tendency? How can you take more breaks and attract more prospering ideas? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.


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