Make Money Online: 4 Reasons Why Insomnia Rocks

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At 5:15 AM the words are flowing today quite early. After going to bed around midnight I would consider this insomnia; definitely not getting my normal 8 hours the past 4 weeks.

I am feeling much better after a rough illness but my sleeping pattern has yet to return to normal. Such is the life of a guy who is focused on the “make money online” niche; sometimes my creating is done at weird hours.

What a blessing!

Insomnia is usually seen as:

  • a massive problem
  • something to worry about
  • something to complain about
  • a lead in to being sick
  • a pain in the butt
  • an opportunity to pore over the problems of your day

If I did the office thing I could rarely work in the middle of the night or in an early morning setting unless I brought my work home with me.

I note this and before I curse insomnia I take a deep breath and see the immense opportunity available from waking in the middle of the night or before I get my customary 6-8 hours.

Any work at home entrepreneur should be grateful to grab extra work time, although you want to get back on schedule as soon as possible to rest up, recover and lose the vampire-type work sked.

1: Get Work Done in Silence

Right now I hear crickets and the impact of my fingers on each key as I type.

Nothing more. Peace and quiet at 5:20 AM. Peace and quiet as I hootsuite out my cash gifting squeeze page in a few.

Peace and quiet is the optimal environment through which I can become a creative machine.

Peaceful, quiet environments create peaceful, quiet people who can create like mad and make money online with immense ease.

2: Switch Up a Boring Sked

I became excited this morning. I look forward to insomnia at times because changing my sked as a work at home entrepreneur is exciting!

I work my home based opportunity at different hours, noting the blessing of being awake at 5 AM, or 2 AM, or more normal hours.

Each change up inspires me to get the job done by thinking from a creative space.

Changing things up can be immensely gratifying. We all need a change in scenery from time to time!

3: Work More

OK, you will burnout eventually so getting back on sked is important but for shorter periods of insomnia you get more hours in your work day and can complete unfinished tasks.

Experiencing Insomnia:

  • gives you the chance to write more blog posts
  • sparks your creativity, leading to more content
  • helps you catch up on lost networking opportunities
  • can improve your ad copy skills
  • helps you create from a relaxed, somewhat spacey space….meaning you can get rid of the poisonous self-conscious thoughts which destroy your posts

Get your sleep by all means but if you wake at weird hours and feel awake take advantage of this gift. Work more, get stuff done, make money online. The caveat is of course you cannot work yourself to death.

Eventually you will kick a poor sleeping schedule or if not you better head to the doctor to figure out the problem.

4: Make Money Online by Disciplining Yourself

As I listen to the ocean surf pound the beach a few blocks away in the jungles of Kovalam, India I cannot help but to think how insomnia has disciplined me. Instead of complaining, or tossing and turning, or wasting time,

I typically get up immediately and do my personal development stuff or start writing, or working online.

I have learned how to focus on the task at hand and have moved my mind away from complaining to seizing an opportunity to wake, work more, or to work on my mindset, and then, to hit my computer for a new blog post.

Having insomnia can be rough but if you use the opportunity to advance yourself and help your blogging audience you can see the blessing in waking at weird hours. I have experienced insomnia for my entire life in cycles;

I get it from my mom methinks. After becoming an entrepreneur I changed my attitude; no longer did I need to rue heading to my 9-5, tossing and turning in bed.

I could get up, work more and then take a nap during the day to increase my strength, get my tasks completed for the day and move my vibe from low energy to high energy. Such is the blessing of having insomnia.

Do you think insomnia rocks?

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