4 Glaring Internet Marketing Mistakes

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After joining a new internet marketing forum last week I thought through my campaign. I build my work at home activities – like cash gifting – on a bed of value and connections.

Examples of Internet Marketing Value

Value means blog posts, videos and email newsletters, connections means making friends with folks from my niche.

I also thought back to all of the silly internet marketing mistakes I made before getting down the value and connection bit. I spammed.

I went off topic. I did some other dingbatish things too which made it impossible for me to make money online.

1: Going off Topic

I am one for talking about work at home ventures most of the day then following up with casual tweets, or Facebook updates, to show that I am a human being with interests outside of small business talk…..but if I switch up my niche too frequently I will scare off prospects.

Be a consistent internet marketing professional. Stay on topic. Get known for doing ONE thing better than anybody else in your niche.

2: Talking All Small Business All Day

People love business talk. I can talk about how to make money online until the cows come home but I will also bore the hell out of my audience.

You want travel pictures, casual, light chatter, you know; proof that I am a real human being with interests outside of business.

Obsessed work at home entrepreneurs turn off their audience. Not the best way to build your internet marketing campaign.

Talk interests outside of business. Be interesting.

3: Being a Jaded Jerk

I left the Warrior Forum 3 years ago because the main forums were littered with pompous assholes.

If me or other folks asked a question deemed to be “stupid”, or asked many times before, we were lambasted by sarcastic, snarky pricks who were obviously miserable SOBS looking to unload their pain on us.

The quickest and most terrible mistake you can make online is to NOT be nice.

The quickest and easiest way to become stupid successful is to share advice and be nice while you do it.

Nobody wins bonus points for being a jackoff. Be nice. Make money online. Grow a powerful platform for your internet marketing campaign.

Be nice. Be patient. Have compassion.

You were likely a struggling entrepreneur at one point in your life. Remember those days before you act like a jerk.

4: Not Creating Enough Value

I have published nearly 3,000 posts on this blog because money and success follow value. Give value, receive value.

Forms of value:

  • Blog posts
  • Videos
  • Email newsletters
  • Podcasts
  • Ebooks
  • Lengthy posts on Facebook Groups
  • Lengthy posts on LinkedIn Groups
  • Answering tweets with helpful answers
  • Answering blog comments with helpful answers

This list goes on forever. You can share value in a zillion ways, and you can do it for free, or for a fee, as I do with my blog consulting services.

Share value, become valuable.

What an easy to embrace mantra right?


Know why you want to succeed online. Struggling internet marketers have no compass.

Fools chase money. Clowns have no driver, no direction, no focus. Tie your efforts into making people free and making yourself free in the process.

See yourself traveling the world like me because:

  • Your driver must be overpowering
  • Your driver must be stronger than your current worst fears
  • Your driver needs to push you to do freeing but uncomfortable things


Get down your WHY to rock it out with your work at home venture and grow your internet marketing plan on solid footing.

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