Internet Business Training – 3 Tips to Create Content Quickly

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You might be floored by the benefits of creating good content fast. Seriously. You can generate a ton more leads and grow your home based opportunity alarmingly fast by creating like a fiend. Be prolific and people seek you out. Churn out helpful content and people who need your help find you. Amazing how easy this works, if you create content quickly.

The reason why so few people create content fast is because of rushing, or mental hurry. People think “quickly” means rushing. Absolutely not the case, because rushing creates desperation in your being, a desperate vibe blocks creative ideas, and you do little creating in this state, and the little creating you do, well, it is a shit job at that.

Internet Business Training

Tip 1 – Slow Down and Calm Down

Totally against the faulty human impulse to speed up, to get things done fast, but remember this: you are supplied with ideas. When you stop trying so damn hard to GRAB ideas the creative ideas find you, at an alarming rate of speed. When you stop trying so hard to make money online you make money online quickly. All your vibe, creating the reality in each moment. Take a few deep breaths. Relax. Come from a calm, confident place to achieve more now.

Tip 2 – Practice Looking for Ideas

Practice observing your environment. You can see content creation ideas in your physical location, or from your dealings with internet business prospects, or heck, anywhere. The parallels are infinite and you make dead on correlations quickly by deciding to practice observing. Most people have difficulties being prolific in the content creation game because the crowd misses opportunities.

Too busy straining, and striving, and grabbing at ideas, or people, or money, to actually see that writing 1, 2 or 10 blog posts daily becomes easier if you can observe like a pro. Watch. Listen. Tune into the needs of your target market. Listen to relevant chatter on social networks like Facebook or LinkedIn Groups. Do this and you will have few problems churning out unique, problem solving content on a persistent basis.

Tip 3 – Create So Much that it Becomes a Habit

Skills are mastered by habitually practicing the skill. Master authors write. A lot. Master internet business entrepreneur bloggers write. A lot. 1 post a day minimum, and if you really want to churn out content fast you better up the ante fast, because you churn out content at a rate in proportion to the amount of time you spend in practice.

You cannot get around this one. Bloggers who succeed like crazy blog a lot. Practice. Be prolific by committing to your craft. Make money online.

Are You Practicing Yet?

Leave the lame excuses behind. Start creating today.

How long does it take you to write a blog post or shoot a video?

What tips can you add?

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