4 Tips for Focusing on Income Producing Activities

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Clients are lining up. Cash gifting team members are hopping on board. I want to see The Hobbit in a few hours. I need to. Playing is part of this internet lifestyle thing ya know? But one thing matters to me now; engaging in income producing activities. Doing stuff that puts money in your pocket before all else helps you become free.


My number 1 income producing activity is writing blog posts. On waking I exercise for a bit, eat breakfast, then write my first post of the day. My blog is the straw that stirs the:

  • cash gifting
  • ghostwriting
  • paid guest posting
  • paid article writing for SEO clients
  • eBook sales
  • advertising sales


pot. Writing blog posts is far and away the most important income generating activity. If a new ghostwriting client approaches me with an order or if a new team member sends me a pledge before I check my paypal or email I write a blog post. I know where my bread is buttered.


Income Producing Activities: The Problem


Most people are so desperate to make money online that they forget what activities yield a fortune. The income generating activities that can drive their business are ignored. These people have no vision. For example, a new ghostwriting client – perhaps their first – shows up with a big order. Instead of writing their 4-5 blog posts daily on their blog these fools chase the small, but quick money, and stop posting for 2-3 or more days.


They let the lure of $400 outweigh the absolute million dollar – or more – goldmine that their blog is developing into. Have a vision. Do what matters most. Do not let a few hundred bucks or one client cloud what matters most to you; building up digital real estate that can net you tens of thousands of dollars NOW and perhaps millions down the road when you sell your blog.


1: Develop a Vision


I have no issues calmly sitting here and writing my post despite having many other income generating acts to take. Why? I have an astounding vision for this blog. This is my baby. This blog is the straw that stirs the drink. So I write, and get to the other stuff later because my vision for a grand life, for me, and all, supercedes a few hundred or even a few thousand bucks.


2: Slow Down


Slow down. What are you doing now. Watch your acts. Are you doing stuff that will directly make you money? If not get cracking on those acts now. Doing so helps you see exactly what you are doing so that you avoid falling into Robot Syndrome. Robot Syndrome afflicts most online entrepreneurs. They do the same thing day after day, failing in the process, like a robot because they have no clue what they are doing. Programmed automon.


3: Study Example of People Who Let Go the Good for the Great


Watch the story behind the Rocky movies. Sly Stallone was offered over $400,000 to give the movie rights of the series to a monster movie studio. At the time he was so broke that he needed to sell his beloved dog. He was ridiculously broke. Yet, because selling the movie for $400,000, when he had nothing, meant that he would no longer star in the movie, he did not budge.


He HAD TO star in Rocky because that would make him great. Focus on the biggest ticket income producing acts now. Get to the bill paying stuff later in the day.


4: Have Fun


When having fun you will naturally do what you want to do which makes you attractive to the largest income. I love blogging. I have fun blogging, so I blog and attract cash through all types of channels, via my blogging.


What tips can you add to this list?


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