How to Grow Online Business Cajones Quickly and Slay the Competition

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Growing online business stones, cajones, gullons, whatever, and killing the competition, separates online champions from the crowd. Champions have no competition. Armed with supreme confidence, a winner simply knows residing on a competitive plane of thought makes the competition obsolete.

You go against no one. You work with others, IF you have supreme confidence in your abilities. Pros make loads of money. Develop gargantuan cash gifting teams. Grow their organization at an alarming rate. All because pros have unending confidence in self and their opportunity.

Pros never down another. This is smallish, cowardly, and weak, for it shows you fear your competition. People who belittle others are like little cowering dogs, scampering off with their tail between their legs. Business champs with massive confidence handle themselves like game pit bulls: standing tall, proud and fully assured of themselves, and their abilities.

Grow Online Business Cajones

1 – Create Like an SOB

Create. A lot. Blog posts, articles, videos. Creating kills the comp. Creating puts you up against resistance fast. People thought I was devil-spawn for doing cash gifting – thanks, you cretins – because I wrote like 2000 articles on the topic. So I met people who loved me for it, and hated me for it, and the haters taught me how to believe in myself, and to never engage a miserable person, to never hop on their karmic sinking ship. Keep creating, keep establishing authority, and your belief in self grows to insane levels. People start calling you the “King of Cash Gifting”, and although I don’t much care for monikers, I do appreciate the authority I’ve established through hard work and sick persistence.

2 – Personal Development, Do It

1-2-3 to more hours personal development daily. Gotta do it. Be default, you are surrounded by scared people, people terrified on a subconscious level. No judgments, just facts. Doing personal development helps you realize how many mind viruses you accept from these folks. Exposing, facing, embracing and releasing these limiting beliefs makes room for confident, high energy beliefs.

Meditate daily. Visualize daily. Affirm daily. Study self help books daily. Work on yourself, bring your calm, confident vibe to your work, watch miracles happen. Watch your confidence soar through the roof as you unearth *who you really are.*

3 – Hang with Confident People

Hang with online biz leaders. Watch their vibe rub off on you. Adopt their qualities. Imitate their swagger. Now, confidence does not mean cockiness. Cocky folks are not to sure of self, that is why they feel the low energy urge to act cocky. Confident folks do not tell you what they are going to do, they just do it, and impress the hell out of you. Kick scared people out of your life. Do not let them in. When they are good and ready to become a leader, you will reconnect, when they make that decision. Until then, release them, for the good of both parties.

Online Business Ba**s – Summary

Create like mad to expose yourself to all types of folks, building up your confidence. You never realize what you truly believe in until someone seemingly challenges your belief system. Engage in serious personal development daily. 1, 2, 3 hours. Bring up all the low energy, scared limiting beliefs within, and release them, with meditation, visualization, affirmation and self study. Hang with confident people. Do what they do. Learn from the pros.

Growing online business cajones puts your opportunity into hyper-drive, so just do it.

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