How to Conduct Cash Gifting Program Due Diligence

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Cash gifting programs are an attractive alternative to a work at home business. The cash gifting concept works like this: give a cash gift, market, receive cash gifts. The process is simple to understand but it’s important to ensure that you’re getting invited into a proper cash gifting club.

I’ve stressed practicing strict due diligence when deciding upon a cash gifting program. The private work at home activity offers so many flavors of club that it’s a challenge to know where to start. I had no clue what 1 Up, No Up, or hybrid residual meant before I accepted an invite to my cash gifting program. I didn’t have the first clue about internet marketing either. But the important thing was that I acted. I didn’t put off until tomorrow what needed to be done today. I guess it’s the inspirational author in me. Either way my team members have both a cash gifting and motivational resource at their disposal – only a phone call or tweet away – because I put forth the effort to learn more about the fascinating concept of cash gifting.

It’s important to zero in on certain information portals. Imagine an activity where you can receive $10,000 in cash in a single day? Being able to pay for a pretty nice vacation in a day is a great deal. Cash gifting program mentors are aware of the emotionally-charged aspect of receiving large sums of cash money quickly. They play on it, and pretty well too. This results in a fair number of flashy ads which need to be sifted through to get the facts about the work at home practice. Don’t entirely ignore the flashy ads though because cash gifting is people prospering in harmony with universal laws. We all seek abundance and giving freely is where abundant living begins.

One note on cash gifting program mentors who are prospering and are not afraid to show it: never hate on them! The best way to repel money is to be jealous of someone who has it. It’s not my style to put up a youtube video of me counting cash but in the same respect I’m happy for people who are abundant. Money flows to those who appreciate it, whether in their or another’s possession.

Where should you look to get the facts concerning this work at home activity?

Ezine Articles

Ezine articles are the top source of cash gifting content. Search engines tolerate running ads less these days so most of the higher ranking articles in google are excellent cash gifting program resources.

Search sites like,, and Run google searches for “cash gifting, articles”. The more articles you can absorb the better. Cash gifting program ezinearticles are the foundation for my fact-finding campaign.


Cash gifting blogs play a part in my due diligence. I concentrate on the hype-free variety. It’s easy to see who the content providers are.

Run a google search on “cash gifting blogs”. Also visit google blogs. Run a search on “cash gifting”, “cash gifting clubs”, “cash gifting programs”, “cash gifting systems”, or “cash gifting mentors”. You can obtain a fair amount of content by scanning through the results. Sift through the ads, find the meat.


The cash gifting angels site is a club of cash gifting mentors. I’ve found it to be a helpful research tool. Most of the mentors are helpful and knowledgeable. They’re willing to share their marketing insight freely. This is a great sign for anyone whom you’re considering as a cash gifting program mentor.

Take a Tour

Tour as many cash gifting programs as possible. Google “cash gifting programs”. Enter your name, telephone number, and email address. A reputable work at home cash gifting program offers an informative tour.

The Magnetic Cash Gifting Program tour is particularly helpful.

Magnetic Cash Gifting Program

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups provides a number of cash gifting club profiles. I’ve met a few pretty neat cash gifting program mentors using Facebook. Utilize the search feature on Facebook to filter out cash gifting groups. You can also try running a google search on “Facebook Groups, cash gifting” to scan profiles.


Twitter is another cash gifting research tool. Find the search box on the right-hand side of the home page. Run a query on cash gifting or cashgifting. Google “twitter, cash gifting” to obtain a list of the higher ranking twitter cash gifting ID’s.

A number of the cash gifting programs marketing on twitter are pure advertisers. By this I mean they don’t provide much content. Two of the more informative twitter cash gifting handles are:




I picked up a fair amount of cash gifting 411 from ebooks. As you’ve figured out by now running a google search is a great way to find them. After subscribing to a cash gifting program some mentors offer free ebooks in their newsletters as well.

When It’s Time to Act, Act

A final note on due diligence. Take your time in getting the facts but when it’s time to act, act. Make a decision. Some of my new team members were hesitant to join for a number of months. When receiving gifts they typically express regret that they hadn’t started sooner. Each day of deliberation is a day where you could be receiving cash gifts in your paypal account. More people are being introduced to cash gifting programs daily. More people sharing cash, more people prospering.

PS…Ryan Biddulph is a traveller, gifter and meditator who can help you prosper online with cash gifting.

If you want to see if gifting is right for you follow these steps.

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