How I Can Help You to Succeed with Cash Gifting

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What training can I offer you as a Peoples Program cash gifting sponsor?

First let’s understand the concept of gifting.

Cash gifting is the act of offering someone a cash gift without coercion or consideration, strictly as a gift. This isn’t a loan or payment for goods and services. It’s a sum of money used to help others.

Upon offering a cash gift you gain a club invite and share the opportunity with others via advertising. Hit a targeted market and like-minded people offer you cash gifts. That’s how it works.

How can I help you?

- I’ve authored 7 cash gifting ebooks. I’m heavy on the facts and light on the hype so I can teach you exactly how cash gifting works.

- Our cash gifting club offers you over 100 training videos which teach you how to effectively attract cash gifts.

- 1 on 1 coaching from me.

- My proven marketing strategies which have allowed me to dominate the cash gifting niche on twitter and Facebook.

- A constant stream of rich training materials via my twitter and Facebook accounts.

- My inspirational and law of attraction insight. I’ve studied the law of attraction for the past 5 years and my inspirational works have drawn the interest of Bob Proctor’s publishing company.



From Day 1 my aim has been to prosper as many people through cash gifting as humanly possible. As my presence has expanded I’ve learned more people believe in the concept of prospering others.

Offering a cash gift says “I’m rich” to the universe. You will be prospered if you believe it.

Now it’s your turn to take the next step.

PS…Ryan Biddulph is a traveller, gifter and meditator who can help you prosper online with cash gifting.

If you want to see if gifting is right for you follow these steps.

Step 1: Click Here.

Step 2: Listen to our recorded conference call 512-800-7800 Pin 54821#

Step 3: Contact me right away at 908-315-5482 or by email


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Ryan Biddulph

Former fired security guard and current world traveler, Ryan Biddulph lives the internet lifestyle in tropical hot spots like Bali, Phuket, Koh Lanta and Hoi An.

Add trips to: Costa Rica, Peru, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, Nepal, India and Myanmar, and you have the makings of a serious travel junkie.Ryan enjoys working out, meditating, taming tigers, feeding wild monkeys and helping you live internet lifestyle.
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