How Can You Defeat Gifting Overwhelm?

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I feel freakin’ swamped now! Tons of work to do in only 24 hours day time. You know the feeling. Maybe you work a 9-5 and do gifting part time or perhaps you are flooded with requests for you gig while balancing the demands of a busy family life. In either case you must get on purpose fast or you will be paralyzed by the feeling and do nothing.

As you become more prosperity conscious opportunities flow to you with increasing ease. This can feel freeing AND overwhelming at the same time, as you simply are growing into the new person you are intended to become. Relax. Ride out these feelings. Then you can take real actionable steps to growing your opportunity.

Cash Gifting

Tip 1 – Pull Back from Whatever You Are Doing

I take breaks each hour and today I am stopping every 30 minutes to stay on purpose. Overwhelm is paralyzing if you allow the feelings to control you but taking the breaks helps you realize who is in control. Pull back and relax. You can rock it out. You can get done whatever you need to get done with your cash gifting team today. Remember this.

Tip 2 – Prioritize Your Day after Pulling Back

You can get done only what you can get done. Prioritize based on money making tasks which are congruent to whom you are being. If you dream big you spend most of your day doing what big dreamers do. You must do what works for you and release on actions which might not be congruent to who you are being.

Example: you dream spectacular dreams but are still setting aside 30 minutes daily to do online surveys where you make pennies. Gotta let that go, and you will feel less overwhelmed and of course make more money writing cash gifting blog posts and sending out value packed list emails.

Tip 3 – Cut It Short When You Gotta Cut it Short

Ok NOT because you are in a hurry, but because you need to still have a life. Example: I am going to see Hansel and Gretel in a few hours. Because I still have a life. And I know my battery will be recharged by so doing. So I write this post in about 450 words instead of the usual 600 to 700.

Part of growing as a cash gifting coach is letting go and letting God. You trust the Universe and yep, the Universe trusts you with more blessings. This is the way it works!

Your Turn

How do you defeat overwhelm?

What tips can you add to this list?

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