How Can a Lazy Blogger Churn out a Lead Generating Post?

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OK. You need to work at this online money making bit. But you can be lazy. Honest. Thinking precedes lazy blogging. Like, you must think through your blogging strategy.

1 – 400 Words

Write 400 word blog posts. You can make an impact without spending too much time churning out posts.

2 – Cover 1 Topic

No need to stray. Look up. Practical tips for lazy bloggers to churn out posts here.

3 – Mental Homework

OK guys. You are in trouble if you feel being mentally and physically lazy is acceptable. People in this boat are dumb, sick and broke. You need to think if you intend to act less. Spend 30 minutes daily meditating, visualizing and affirming. Clearing out your inner world helps you act intelligently.

4 – Use Keywords

Use niche specific keywords. Make money online, cash gifting, work at home, heck any keywords work. Build each post around 4 keywords to generate leads.

5 – Write Daily

Lazy means doing a minimum amount of work each day. Yes, work. You need to work. Write daily. Work on your skills. Improve your cash gifting game. Make money online by thinking more and working less, but work is part of the equation.

6 – No Stretching Out Content

I am at 227 words here. But time to wrap this post up.

Your Turn

How do you write lazy blog posts?

Or do you write longer blog posts?

How do you act intelligently as a blogger?

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