How Can a Cash Gifting Mentor Build a Mastermind Alliance?

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“The Master Mind may be defined as: Coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.” ~ Napoleon Hill, Think And Grow Rich

You can only get ahead on the shoulders of those who went before you. You won’t succeed as a cash gifting mentor unless you work in harmony with fellow team leaders. The material for my ebooks was acquired from knowledgeable work at home mentors who’ve been there. I didn’t know cash gifting from affiliate marketing from MLM in the beginning. It was Greek to me. Only by reaching into the store of cash gifting knowledge available online was I able to gather enough material to run a blog and begin authoring cash gifting ebooks.

Napoleon Hill spoke of an unlimited Power who came to the aid of those working in perfect harmony together toward a definite major purpose. He likened the Master Mind alliance to the merging of two batteries which form a more powerful union than had the batteries not joined . The Master Mind amplifies mind power.

Co-operators prosper. Competitors strain and strive.

“No individual may have great power without availing himself to the Master Mind.” ~ Napoleon Hill, Think And Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill pointed to the relationship between Thomas Edison and Henry Ford as perfect examples of the Master Mind principle. Henry Ford dropped out of grammar school. He grew up poor and was deemed by Napoleon Hill as “ignorant”. But when Ford began to surround himself with driven, powerful people – namely Thomas Edison – his career took off on a meteoric rise.

He couldn’t have done it on his own. Neither can you.

Network. Work with fellow cash gifting mentors to prosper more quickly.
Meet people. Bounce ideas off of one another. Create instead of competing.

Cash Gifting Angels

“You have to do it by yourself, and you can‘t do it alone.” ~ Unknown

Cash gifting angels is a social networking site devoted solely to cash gifting mentors. It’s a one of a kind deal. You might run into the occasional hard sell – which is of course a no-no in true cash gifting – but most are kind hearted people who are there only to help.

Facebook Groups

I’ve met exceptional cash gifting mentors on Facebook Groups. One of my CG buddies is Glen Todd. Stop by his profile. He’s a knowledgeable mentor who’s decided to hop off the cash gifting hype train like myself.

His twitter handle is: @Glensprosperity.


Run a “twitter, cash gifting” search on google. You’ll find a number of cash gifting related accounts. Most of the live bodies are a little deeper than first page search results.

Use the #cashgifting hash tag on alternate posts as another method to attract like-minded mentors.

Cash Gifting Forums

Run a web search on “cash gifting forums“. You can find knowledgeable mentors with this method too.

Cash Gifting Blogs

I’ve met helpful mentors by running a google blogs search. Try “cash gifting”, “cash gifting club”, “cash gifting program”, and “cash gifting mentor” as possible search terms.

Dave Jales runs an informative blog. Check out his twitter handle: DaveJales.

Take a Tour

One of the easiest ways to meet new cash gifting mentors is to opt-in to their website. Your purpose is NOT to gain a prospect. I’ve had this done to me and guys, it’s straight up weak. Kind of like the people on twitter who pitch with @replies. It’s weak, and screams of a desperate internet marketer.

Opt-in to the cash gifting mentor’s club with the intent to form a Master Mind alliance with them. Chat ’em up. Ask what marketing techniques have worked for them. Ask which ones haven’t.

Who’s in your Master Mind alliance?

Ryan Biddulph helps you prosper online with cash gifting. Click Here to boost your finances quickly.

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