Home Based Business Training – 6 Tips to Write Effective Autoresponder Emails

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Are you automating aspects of your home based business marketing campaign?

You better, if you plan to have a life.

You eventually need to step away from the computer.

Autoresponder messages are emails which are sent out at a set time, after a person subscribes to your list.

Now…the value in these emails resides in…sending out value.

No lame cash gifting pitches. No endless mlm calls to buy.

Otherwise, autoresponder messages become plain old annoying.

If you do craft a helpful email series you will:

1 – Build strong relationships with subscribers.

2 – Generate more network marketing sales.

3 – Receive more cash gifts.

4 – Save yourself time and energy.

Yep…using these bad boys can add a serious passive element to your campaign. You can send out a free marketing ecourse. Or any series of messages. From now until…whenever.

So each new subscriber to your list can receive big-time value over the course of weeks or months while you speak to new people, creative massive value, travel, or spend more time at home with the family.

You can engage in business growing acts – or take time off – while your autoresponder series delivers the goods.

Sounds good, right?

Ok…on to the tips.

Home Based Business Training

Tip 1 – Solve a Problem

Don’t bother sending an email unless you solve a problem with the autoresponder message.

Help people to attract more folks interested in cash gifting. Help individuals generate more network marketing leads.

Solve a problem with each message.

Tip 2 – Post Pictures of Yourself

Include a smiling picture in your email signature.

Help people remember this: a smiling, happy person is providing you with a solution.

Wouldn’t it be fun to partner with that person?

Tip 3 – Spare Pitches

Solving problems does not mean shoving links down subscriber’s gullets.

Create value. Become valuable. Create no value, watch your list shrink to lilliputian proportions.

Intend to create massive gifting, mlm or network marketing value with each email.

Tip 4 – Line by Line

Readers seem to soak up information presented in a line by line format, similar to newsletters.

Long paragraphs bore people. Scanners would rather skip your email.

Combine short and punchy lines with frequent headers. Bold words periodically.

Make your content easily digestible.

Tip 5 – Tell Readers Exactly What to Expect

I offer a 21 part internet marketing ecourse.

Lessons sent out every 2 days. I also send out a weekly newsletter.

I tell subscribers this in the first email sequence.

Save yourself spam complaints. Find better matches. Be clear on your offering. Explicitly state your email frequency.

Tip 6 – Create Simple Subject Lines

Don’t try too hard to grab a reader’s attention. Force negates.

Solve problems with your email and title.

Make the content of the message clear in the subject line.

No hype. Just the facts, ma’am.

Home Based Business Mastery – Summary

Solve problems. Post pictures of yourself. Spare pitches. Write short and punchy lines. Tell readers what to expect. Create simple subject lines.

Apply these 6 tips to create an effective home based business autoresponder email.

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