Beware these Guys if You Want to Generate Cash Online

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“Your limiting beliefs are leased. Trade yours in at any time.” ~ Ryan Biddulph

Ok so after coming back from checking out “The Wolf of Wall Street” – it is a must watch folks – I read through a few of my comments. I also scanned my social sites too. Good news. My team is growing by 1 more member as another Peoples Program pledge just sent me a gift via Paypal. Blessed! I feel happy and grateful to generate cash online.


I noted a few things from both the movie, comments on my blog and on social networks like Facebook. Prospering online requires you to become an observer of all things. I noted a pattern, starting with the movie.


Limiting Beliefs Are Leased


Even though The Wolf of Wall Street did things from a poor karmic space he did ridiculous things. The man made hundreds of millions of dollars and manifested much of his other worldly vision. One empowering thing he focused on was trying to inspire his employees to become as wealthy as he was. But more than a few people, starting with his first employer, though he would amount to nothing. He never accepted these limiting beliefs but if he was not careful, he could have been derailed if he agreed with these limiting individuals.


When the Stuff Hit the Fan


After the great crash of ’87 his firm went belly under. Jordan Belfort – aka The Wolf – desperately began looking through the newspaper to find low paying jobs so he could try to pay the bills. Heck, even he, the great, confident man, had his moments of lack and limitation but his wife set him straight. She told him that he was not that guy, meaning that he was a stockbroker and nothing else. Jordan went on to start his own boiler room style brokerage house and made a ton of dough.


Blog Comments


Some of my commenters after reading my strategies felt that posting 5 times daily was too much. Some figured 3 was good and that I should outsource the last 2. Others just did not get it, posting 5 times daily. Since Ryan Biddulph has aspirations greater than The Wolf of Wall Street, Mr. Jordan Belfort, I will carry on, posting 5 or more times on most days, or at least 4 times daily. I do not allow other’s limiting beliefs to get in my head. If I want to generate cash online I need to watch out for guys or gals who want to imprint their limiting beliefs on me.


Same deal on social networks. Most folks tell you to take it easy, to slow down, to take more time off. But the Jordan Belforts of the world will tell you to put it into overdrive. So will the Ryan Biddulphs of the world. Hell, I do not support the way in which The Wolf made his fortune but I appreciate how he crushed his limiting beliefs and made his monstrous vision a tangible reality. I can appreciate anybody who crushes their limiting beliefs and removes all people who try to impress their limiting beliefs on these folks.


Excellent stuff. Because if you let these people inside your head you will:

  • never come close to reaching your full potential
  • allow yourself to coast and be pissed off because of it
  • will generate less cash online

To succeed you need to push yourself beyond your limiting beliefs and ignore anybody who wants to impress their limiting beliefs on you. Beware these limiting guys and gals. People will tell you to do stuff that does not inspire you. People will tell you to stop doing stuff that inspires you because they are fully unaware of what you – and they – are capable of. Get rid of these folks, or at least completely ignore their advice because you want to cancel these limiting beliefs immediately.


Surround yourself with empowering people. Surround yourself with people who see you as unlimited. These folks will never, ever try to limit you. If anything they will push you to reach your limits then you can blast through these limits as your friends inspire you to go a little bit beyond, into the unlimited.


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