3 Reasons Why My Alexa Score Drops Like a Brick Daily (37,660 Now)

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37,660 Alexa today. I have seen a 1,000 point drop on more than 1 day in the past few weeks. My Alexa score continues to drop fast. Hmmmm….how does this relate to free money making tips? Ya know, the theme of this blog? Low Alexa scores = huge ad revenue. Advertisers line up to pay top dollar as your Alexa goes low, low and lower.


You also tend to generate a buzz around your website. Anything under 100,000 is solid on the Alexa side of things. Once you drop under 50K you are in rarified air, and once you drop even lower you will pique the interest of just about every reader or fellow blogger out there.


Why Should You Lower Your Alexa Score: Free Money Making Tips


  • boost advertising revenue quickly
  • gain a solid reputation among fellow bloggers
  • use a measuring stick or benchmark against which you can push yourself
  • get bragging rights
  • build your brand on a reputable scoring system


Scoring high on the Alexa scale matters. Each of my Alexa articles gets ridiculous traffic because other bloggers want to know how to boost their Alexa and build their blog brand. Make one of your goals to increase this score steadily. 1 caveat; never get attached to scores. Create value. Make connections.


Check your Alexa once daily if you post a ton of content like me or once every 2-3 days if you publish one blog post daily. Getting attached to outcomes like blog scoring systems takes your eye off of the ultimate goal; providing valuable content to your target audience.


1: I Write Like Mad


I publish 4-5 times daily. Every day. For weeks now. Ever since my recovery from illness in India I have kept up with posting 4 or more times daily. So the frequent, steady stream of top shelf content helps lower my Alexa. More good content results in more quality traffic. By creating serious value Alexa takes serious notice.


Know why you want to write to write. Before you make excuses like you do not have enough time or ideas remember that I was the same guy 4 years ago. I had no time. I had few ideas. Then I made up my mind to churn out as much blog content as possible. I MADE the time to blog. I FORCED myself to sit, and wait, until blogging ideas hit my mind in a rapid torrent.


Push yourself through uncomfortable situations to live a comfortable, freeing life. I did not get lucky. I just sat through the crappy feelings that most people avoid like the plague. Remember, each time you write when you want to throw in the towel you are becoming more and more free. That sounds good to me!


2: Increase Your Social Reach


Yes, I go mad on social networks, aggressively sharing my friend’s content, reaching out, engaging, chatting and developing new friendships each day. I am not a fan of being a wallflower and of course, this is a good thing for a blogger. If people want my free money making tips I need to meet people by being social. Being social means joining niche specific groups on Facebook and LinkedIn, and chatting up individuals daily. Increasing your social reach also improves your Alexa score in a big way. Reach out. Socialize. Prosper.


Hang on Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Twitter to increase your social reach and boost your Alexa score quickly.


3: I Persist Like Hell


How many folks do you know who write 4-5 blog posts daily? Some might do so for 1, 2 or 5 days, but after blowing their wad they burn out, or make some other excuse that they are too busy, or not talented enough, or that they have writer’s block. I am not too big on excuses. I reach my goals daily.


If I fail to reach my goals I blame myself, learn a lesson and return to persisting like hell. Since I publish 4-5 quality posts daily Alexa has no choice but to lower my score dramatically, from day to day, to week to week. I keep at it. Alexa responds. If you want dramatic results move into dramatic action. Do what few others are doing. Push yourself by persisting like hell. Write and connect daily to stand out from the Alexa crowd.


How do you increase your Alexa score? What tips can you add to this list?


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