How to Force Readers to Sign Up for Stuff

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I am all about power, not force. I write about it all the time. If you want to generate cash online go the attraction route.

But one approach is a bit different. It forces readers to sign up for stuff. In a nice way.


In a polite way. A genteal way, even. But make no mistake about it; the approach is bold and in your face.

Street Dogs and Force

A few hours ago a puppy here in Pondicherry India followed me 4 blocks, from his little resting spot on our street to the store.

He wanted dog food. He sees the big white guy and expects dog food. I get it. He knows what he wants. He tells me in direct fashion, by running up.

He forces me. He does not nudge. He does not plead. He is direct. In your face.

“Give me the food buddy!”

I respect that. I love it. I find it funny. We humans are a funny lot. We run an online business but forget to tell people about it.

I run a cash gifting club. Yes, cash gifting. Different from an online business. But I hid that. For years. Or maybe I did not hide it. I just did not talk about it.


The Puppy Again

Dogs communicate directly. No words. Bark. Nudge. Yelp. Whatever. This dog sees me, wants food. One track mind.

He tells me what he wants and focuses on it.

OK, when is the last time you told your audience want you wanted them to do? Once? Twice. Or Three Times? During 1 post?

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That is #1. 2 and 3 coming up. I promise. But I think about the puppy. 1 track mind. I want food. I want you to get me food.

Cow on sidewalk, Pondicherry, India

Cow on sidewalk, Pondicherry, India

Get the food.

Feeling Funny

Why do few online business bloggers ask? Or make direct calls to action?


  • Fear looking like a shill
  • Fear turning off readers
  • Worry about their reputation as a content provider
  • Worry about being criticized
  • Feel funny around the topic of money
  • Figure once is enough(it is not)
  • Lack clarity around their cash gifting club or online business

Hey I am not prime example. Just recently I boosted the calls. For my cash gifting team: find out more here…..and my affiliate opportunities.

“If you do not tell people to do something they will not do it.”

Dwell on that one.


Is this guy forcing it? Not back in June 2013 at the beach in Manual Antonio, Costa Rica

Is this guy forcing it? Not back in June 2013 at the beach in Manual Antonio, Costa Rica

Not really. Just directness. So maybe the force part is a bit overdone. Or is it? Because if you feel compelled to do something once you see a set call to action 2 or 3 times, you are pretty much forced to do it.

My Take

People do what you tell them to do, over and over. Subconscious conditioning. Keep that message clear and definite and topical though because moving off topic only confuses your audience.

If one day I sell one product and the following day sell something entirely different, totally out of the sphere of what my brand message covers, I will confuse you.

But if I tell you to do something and that call to action is relevant to my brand, then you will do it eventually. And as you speak to and contact more people, and spread the word, the doing will be all the more frequent.

The Secret

Stop forcing. Oops. Did I just lie? I think not. You can pretty much force readers to do stuff by being persistent. We all give in.

I gave in the past few days by:

  • buying food for street dogs in India on a daily basis; I could not ignore their silent pleas or dogged(pardon the pun) persistence
  • giving money to a beggar; my staunch policy is a no-no on this but my heart opened up recently and his persistence wore me down, so I open up, gave and felt great
  • letting my ego go a bit and doing things differently with my online businesses
  • chatting a helluva lot more on twitter, like, all the time

These are a few neat examples where I surrendered, being subject to calls to action placed on me, either externally from people, or dogs, or internally through my intuition.

Your Turn

How do you force readers to sign up for stuff? Or influence them?

How frequently do you make calls to action in your posts?

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