How Did a Violent Bout with Food Poisoning Teach Me an Online Business Lesson?

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OK India, you got me. After missing the dreaded bout of food poisoning many tourists complain of when visiting India I got leveled.

I wretched my guts out. After a day in bed – and 10 pounds lighter – I learned a few online business lessons.

Now the getting sick part was not pretty. In the name of good taste I will not go into details but suffice to say I was sick. Very sick.

But the lessons are oh so plentiful.ID-10021560

The Ultimate Lesson

People miss the fact that your greatest hardships teach you the greatest lessons. If you become violentally ill or lose all of your money or a loved one dies you can go into a deep depression, complain, get angry, or do one of a million negative things.

You can also embrace the pain, feel the suffering, and search for a lesson within your heartache.

After spending time going through hardships in my life I have become adept at pinpointing lessons and capitalizing on these circumstances.

Benefits of Hardship

  • learn how to be grateful
  • learn how to extract lessons from any situation
  • learn how you reached that dark place; prevent the problem in the future
  • find your creative genius
  • become more compassionate

The Value in Food Poisoning

This sounds so weird but getting sick as hell was a valuable experience for me. I learned to slow down. Turns out the day I got sick was a hyper RB type day. Commenting on a billion posts. OK maybe a few less.  But I went nuts. Then I sat down in the local pizza shop and downed a big pizza pie.

I was not mindfully eating. Big mistake because noting the taste in food distinctly can save you physical and mental heartache.

Watch as I discuss.

2 hours later I became violently ill. After being sick for about 6 hours then sitting in bed for over a day I learned a valuable lesson; pulling back to analyze your problem can help you become a better entrepreneur.

Practice Compassion

I felt so sick. A few hours after I got sick Kelli started to show symptoms. We ate a similar meal at the same place. Knowing how I felt a few hours before helped me to compassionately treat her.

If you can compassionately feel the problems of your prospects you will succeed. Your online business will grow. Feel the pain of being broke, or of struggling to make money online for years.

I have been in both parties. Going forward I will be more compassionate in connecting with my readers, cash gifting crowd and heck, everybody.

Gave Me Clarity of Thought

It is funny but being seriously ill is almost an enlightening experience. I mean you are pushing away the pain, so maybe you are practicing aversion on some levels but in those moments where you let go, clarity reigns. You see what is important and what is not.

You also detach. I could care less about blog posts or social media or checking for cash gifting opt ins. Which was great, because I am taking the same detached attitude today while working.

Clear thinking entrepreneurs can identity solutions to problems quickly. Clear thinkers also think of new and creative ways to deliver value.

Practice Gratitude

I was supremely grateful once my stomach calmed down. Sure I felt exhausted and my body ached but I could deal with that pain. I felt so happy and grateful just to have kicked the terribly uncomfortable stomach stuff.

Take a similar tact to your online business. Be grateful for each comment. Each opt in. Each new customer or team member. Be grateful to ground yourself and magnetize yourself to new, neat things. Online business wise, life wise.

Gotta go now. Not quite back to speed. Time to rest.

How do you learn lessons in adversity?

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