4 Steps for Dissecting and Killing Self Doubt

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I was a fraidy cat before releasing my first product. After dropping The Blogging Manifesto I felt better. I dissected and killed self doubts regarding releasing my own product.

Benefits of killing your self doubts:

  • increased fulfillment
  • happiness
  • more money
  • more fame
  • more people whose lives you can touch find you

We all got ‘em. Self doubts that is. To make money online, face, embrace and release these self doubts with the following 4 steps.

1: Admit Your Self Doubts

I admit; I was terrified to release my own eBook. I feared releasing my own product. I had no idea how to sell or design my eBook. I had no clue what to write about.

After receiving a nudge from my friend Amal Rafeeq I wrote the eBook. After contacting my friend Phil Dews I found a design guy. OK, eBook released. But I only published because I admitted to myself that yep, after 3 years of putting off the product deal I was paralyzed be self doubt.

Amal challenged me to admit my self doubts about releasing a product, in an indirect fashion. Thanks dude!

2: Analyze Your Self Doubts

I analyzed my self doubts around releasing an eBook. Would people buy the book? How would it look? Where do I start? Nobody will buy it anyway, and since I have no business partners I might be better off skipping the product deal to focus on cash gifting, ghostwriting, ad revenue, other exploits.

I analyzed each doubt. I do this for each one of my self doubts. Analyze. ID your self doubts, then dissect them. Break down each doubt.

On further review I had a nice little series of limiting beliefs analyzed effectively. I understood why I did not release The Blogging Manifesto. So I had a foundation to work off of.

3: Come to a Positive Conclusion

I decided that I:

  • Am talented enough to write an eBook(killed “am I good enough?”)
  • Am driven enough to find the right designer(killed “where will I find a biz partner?”)
  • Am smart enough to find the info I need to start(killed “where do I start?”)

I systematically listed each analyzed self doubt to arrive at a positive conclusion. Each self doubt was false, upon deeper analysis. People love my blog. Fans gobble it up. Readers will gobble up my eBook.

The listing, after admitting, and analysis, brought me to the truth seeking, or positive conclusion phase. All was good once I chose to see positive outcomes instead of negative doubts.

List your doubts. Write them on a piece of paper. Deduce positive conclusions based on each doubt. Refute the doubt itself, to kill it. Yep, this is the actual killing phase.

4: Dive Back into the Maelstrom to Find And Dissect More Self Doubts

So, I have:

  • Built a successful blog
  • Traveled the world for 3 straight years
  • Released my own product
  • Launched multiple successful home businesses
  • Rocked it out pretty much

Think I am satisfied? No sir, no ma’am. I dive back into uncomfortable situations, the maelstrom, to uncover more self doubts.

Life is a series of steps taken in the direction of your fears. Life is pursuing your dreams no matter what you fear.

I continue to uncover self doubts because growth is paramount to me. So far so good.

Hope back into the storm of uncertainty. Release your first product. Let go your self doubts. Kill ‘em. Write 3 posts a day. Start your first home business. Ask a mentor for help….and pay a mentor for help if they cannot take you on for free.

Learn from the best to uncover your self doubts. You will be stunned by what you find.

What tips can you add?

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