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Are You Afraid of the Online Cops?

Let me tell you, about me. I feared being banned from forums. I angered over being scolded or chastised. I worried about the online cops. During this stretch I earned little cash online because I was lifeless,

1 Minute Video: Does 125 to 8000 Sound Good?

Ah, the irony of successful cash gifting. Giving freely precedes receiving easily. Are you as ready and willing to give $125 to $8000 as you are to get that same amount? How freely do you share your

Wealth Affirmation from Catherine Ponder

“I am the rich, radiant substance of the Universe. I am, I am, I am! My mind, body and financial affairs are now filled with this rich, Universal substance. Every phase of my life is now blessed

5 Tips for Smart Cash Gifting

Cash gifting vibes with free givers. In addition to being a world traveler I am a cash gifting mentor for The Peoples Program. I teach how to prosper through gifting. Living the internet lifestyle introduced me to

How I Topped Bing for a Competitive Keyword without Trying to Do it

What a nice morning surprise. After searching for the term “generate cash online” on bing I saw my websites listed as #1 and #3 on the search engine portal. I had no idea I ranked so well

5 Tips for Building Cash Gifting Website

First impressions matter. I recall using a non-branded cash gifting site 3 years ago. I drew few opt ins. I received fewer gifts. These days my list rests at about 2400 subscribers. I feel blessed to have

1 Minute Video: Do You Believe in this Venom?

Whether in cash gifting, blogging or any online niche a venom courses through the industry. Watch the 1 minute video to see if you believe in this poison. 1 Minute Video: Do You Believe in this Venom?

5 Tips for Better Cash Gifting

Bloggers hungry to generate good karma and cash online might be future cash gifting coaches. The private activity serves as a change up to a home business. Prospering coaches magnetize themselves to money by offering cash freely

What Confuses People about Cash Gifting?

Why does cash gifting confuse so many people? The concept of generating good karma gets lost. I know. I get it. You are skeptical. Ask this question: does your skepticism serve you? Be Open Minded Yet Discerning

5 Signs that You Are Wasting Your Time Online

I know the feeling. For years I felt like I was wasting my time online. I ran into cash gifting dead zones. Weeks without gifts let alone opt ins. These lean times drove me mad. But my

5 Tips for Curing Your Financial Illness

You can be sick without knowing it. No, I am not talking about bodily illness. I mean financial illness. If you: Bitch about spending money Worry when bill paying time comes around Freak out when you have

1 Thing Rich People Do Better than Poor People

Rich people do 1 thing better than poor people. I noted this recently after spotting a consistent pattern. Wealthy people take the next step. Automatically. No hesitating. No stopping, and stammering, and waiting and making excuses. Poor

Cash Gifting Webinars: Enormous Waste of Time or Valuable Marketing Tool?

Are cash gifting webinars a waste of time? Or a valuable marketing tool for building your authority? I see each point. Webinars resonate strongly with your audience in some respects but the 20 or 30 or 60

What Annoying Google Plus Practice Needs to Be Addressed Now?

Stupid sharing. I get tagged 1-2 times daily on Google Plus. People share their posts with me. This is spam, or abuse of the system. If I wanted to read your post I would have clicked on

5 Reasons Why Working Harder Will Not Save You

People around the world work like animals. Some online entrepreneurs believe hard work builds fortunes. The slave crowd puts in long, hard hours doing grunt work. Some might brag about their exploits too. Nobody cares. Hard work

Cash Gifting Training: How to Speak to Interested Gifters

I believe it is a great opportunity. What I like best is that there are an extreme amount of companies out there, new ones every day, and most of them require an auto-shipment of some type of

5 Tips for Simple Cash Gifting

Stop looking for complex systems, top-heavy guides and marketing trickery to prosper with cash gifting. CG is and always was the simplest way to prosper online. Forget learning about a product or diving into the details of

4 Tips for Handling Emails Effectively

    In and out. Just a little time for the old email in and out. In and out of gmail and hotmail in about 10 minutes. Email used to be the most massive drain for me

Free Money Making Tip: Why Are You So Special?

  Hmmm….thinking this one through? If so you struggle to make money online. Point blank. You need to stand out from the crowd to prosper online. Cash gifting coaches are successful if they stress the benefits of

4 Tips for Connecting with New Cash Gifting Team Members Quickly

I was honored to partner with 2 new Peoples Program team members recently. Exciting stuff! Even more exciting is building a bond with new cash gifting team members to cement bonds, solidify relationships and prosper both parties.