Cash Gifting “No-No” Words

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Cash gifting is a private activity practiced among like-minded people.

It works like this: offer a cash gift to a private sharing club sponsor. The sponsor extends an invite to you. By accepting the invite you are free to share the opportunity with other people.

Since gifting is a private activity it’s important to share the practice accurately.

Try to refrain from using these words when describing cash gifting.


Cash gifting is not a business. The cash gift changing hands is not a payment for goods and services. It’s a sum of money intended to help others.

A gifting club owes you nothing. It isn’t a company or corporation. Gifting communities are groups of private people who voluntarily come together in the spirit of giving.


Your cash gift is not an investment. There is no return on the gift.

I stress this point with new sponsors. The tendency is to tell others that “the initial investment is ____ dollars”, but this is inaccurate.

The only investment made when offering a cash gift is a spiritual investment.


Recruiting is strictly forbidden in gifting. If you encounter a sponsor who hounds you, run for the hills. This is a huckster who wants to part you from your money. This is both unethical and borderline illegal since the unwise sponsor is misrepresenting their program.


Your cash gift is not a loan. Don’t expect a return on your gift of the amount offered freely plus a percentage.

Legitimate gifting communities provide gifting and non-solicitation forms to be sent with each gift. Each form verifies the nature of the money changing hands.

Don’t flip out if you didn’t use the proper terminology to explain cash gifting in the past. Simple refrain from portraying gifting as a business and keep the appropriate terminology in mind for future discussions.

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