Cash Gifting Mastery – How to Deal with Angry Prospects over the Phone

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Ryan had an interesting conversation on the phone yesterday. I thought it was funny. I spoke to an angry guy. I tweaked him. Well, I did not tweak him. I simply did not play the game he wanted to play, because I have been down this cash gifting road before. Dealing with angry prospects becomes easy if you know how to come from a place of power instead of force.

By all accounts this is difficult in the beginning. You are hungry to react, or fight back, or push against someone, and this strategy only makes the situation worse. You send off a signal to make the individual more angry, to fight you, and you fight back. This is no picnic. I admit. But if you are willing to be present, and practice being composed, and being in the Now, you are golden.

Watch as I discuss.

Cash Gifting Mastery – How to Deal with Angry… by ryanbiddulph

Cash Gifting

Dealing with angry cash gifting prospects effectively helps you to make real money online. You avoid fighting, going against, pushing against, playing games and wasting time with angry folks. Devote this time to writing keyword-rich, in depth blog posts. Create helpful videos. Generating leads grows easier and easier if you can learn how to skillfully make your way through some of these calls.

Devote Your Energy to a Higher Purpose

Devoting your energy to a higher purpose influences you to release low energy individuals to make room for higher energy individuals to make their way into your life. Instead of being against you decide to be for. Instead of fighting against folks in the work at home niche you decide to be for empowering individuals in this niche.

The decision is yours to make. Nobody can make this decision for you. You must be disciplined in the moment, because your first reaction is to likely scream at an angry person, or rail against them, or engage them, or you might sit in silent embarrassment. Whatever the feeling you want to hold to your intent, which is to devote your creative energies to a higher purpose, one far beyond the fighting and scrapping that most novice coaches start up with when encountered with an angry prospect.

My Experience

RB was rough on the phone. If people appeared to challenge me I automatically cowered, or felt embarrassed, or felt inferior. I had office experience, working a job in inside sales for 2 years, but I had no experience running my own work at home business.

This became evident during calls with people or prospects who wanted to join my team. Even worse? I held onto these feelings for a number of years, harboring old, low energy emotions which killed my chances at future success in cash gifting, or in any venture for that matter.

I Carried Venomous Energy like a Dingbat

Because I was pissed I carried this angry, embarrassed, rage-filled energy with me. I would lash out at people who had a different interpretation of cash gifting than I did. I fought unhappy people. I debated people who were unclear on their choice of home business. I created such bad energy in my life that I blocked big ticket gifts for years.

I had success with gifting but I also had plenty of failure. I realized that I had to address my feelings around these types of phone calls if I ever wanted to prosper with this venture and begin to make money online. Once I decided to be present, and compose myself, and hang up on folks who went off the deep end, I naturally embraced angry folks and grew from each experience.

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1 -Be Present

Be present and embrace whatever feelings might arise during the phone call. You are likely angry, upset, pissed off, rage-filled, embarrassed, upset, and you might feel a whole range of low energy emotions when interacting with an angry person. Be present with the feelings. No matter what do not push the feelings away.

Pushing the feelings away only makes the feelings grow, and become bigger, and these energies grow, and you expand in this area, and it spoils your energy around cash gifting, and you hide away, and stop promoting the activity, and you cease to make money online.

Feel Out these Crappy Emotions

You begin to make money online by deciding to feel out these crappy emotions. Go ahead. Sit with them. By sitting with these lower energies you can be free of any lower energies which are likely to build up from within your being.

Simply be in the here and now. Watch the energies arise. Feel the anger but do not react on it. Feel the annoyance, but cease to react on it. If you are skilled at watching your emotions you are 99.999% ahead of every single person on this earth, because virtually no one is in control of their thoughts most of the time. You do not need to be a spiritual master but you can adopt the mindset of a patient entrepreneur who is willing to embrace their lower energies to make room for higher energies to arise from within their being.

2 – Be Composed

Being composed when somebody rips you a new one is tough. The first reaction is to fight back, or to get angry, or to become embarrassed. Return to being present. Feel the emotions. Then slow down your mind so you can actually watch your reactions without reacting on them, if that makes sense.

Compose Yourself

Once you learn how to be composed when faced with an angry cash gifting prospect a world of opportunities opens up for you. No longer are you fighting. You are responding now. People who respond maintain a calm, composed demeanor, no matter how rudely the person on the other end of the phone line tries to treat you.

Be at peace. Respond. Be composed. Relax. I know this takes plenty of practice so get on the horn, call your prospects and get to work, building up a valuable experience base which helps you succeed in dealing with cantankerous prospects on the phone.

Practice, Practice and Practice Some More

Practice, practice and practice some more. The guy I spoke to yesterday is one of the top on earth in his niche; this I know, because he trained many of the top people – even if the guy is a dime short – and he noted how my phone voice and presence were sensational. I am good on the phone and super in dealing with different personalities because I have practiced interacting with all types of individuals over the years, from cash gifting phone calls, to inside sales calls, to dealing with irate truckers in the shipping terminal, in person.

I was blessed to receive so much practice but I also cashed in on these experiences by simply learning from what I went through during these calls.

3 – Hang Up

Easy tip. Hang up. You never need to subject yourself to abuse. Also, how do you treat a 5 year old who has a hissy fit? You ignore these kids. Ignore the 45 year old who has a hissy fit by hanging up on these individuals. The quickest and easiest way to deal with people who are upset is to ignore these individuals.

The hang up deal is on you. Even if somebody is having a bad day you can decide whether to embrace the person on this day or reject the person on this day. Your choice as a work at home entrepreneur. Too many in the make money online niche feel it is OK to allow themselves to be abused just to make a buck or 2.

Taking shit and eating it is similar to someone who allows themselves to be abused in any relationship. You set a dangerous precedent. Instead of fighting, or sitting there and eating this crap up, be at peace with hanging up on individuals. You are not supposed to abuse yourself, and nor are you supposed to allow cash gifting prospects to abuse you.

Hang Up Fast

Hang up fast is the person is a jerk. Why put yourself through a stressful situation when you can release on poor matches quickly? This individual is not your ideal Peoples Program team member. You only want perfect matches. Why then would you dream of spending a second more of your precious time trying to see if this guy or gal would be a fit for your work at home gig? Makes no sense. Let go and grow.

Your Turn

How do you deal with angry cash gifting prospects over the phone?

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