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Cash With A True Conscience.

Live The Happy Internet Lifestyle With Money Making Tips From A World Traveler.

When I stop by Barnes and Noble I read a book cover. I scan the back of the book. I might open the book and read the inner cover if the book piques my interest.  I love reading, learning more and digging deeper to find out what the book covers. Before I invest my precious time and energy – and money – toward buying a book I need to know what I am buying. The book must grab my attention and most of all, I need to understand what I am buying to fully embrace if the book interests me or not.


Your Blog


Read the first 2 lines of this post. Anybody who visits my blog sees these 2 lines immediately. Good stuff. Now you know the title of my blog and the tagline. You know exactly what you are getting…..just like a book’s cover, and back cover, and yep inside the cover too. Confused readers who are looking for blogging tips or other tips or personal development tips are anything other than money making tips are free to leave me.


This clarity gives readers clarity. On the flip side, confused readers leave your blog in a split second if they do not see a blog name and tagline. As you can imagine I see many blogs with no tagline or clear name explaining what the blog can offer you. This would be similar to seeing a novel with a blank cover and back page. If it sounds stupid offline the concept is just as stupid online. No way around this one. Confused readers need TT’s; a Title and a Tagline.


Blogging Tips: The Problem


Bloggers typically lack the clarity needed to name their blog and tagline effectively. Then, the masses do a poor job following up on their title and tagline with post topics germaine to the title and tag line. I admit, I have been guilty of this mistake. I wrote about all types of topics but few covered the topic of making money online.


Once I named my blog and created a tagline relevant to the blog things fell into place easily. I covered that topic. I thought of the novel analogy. The blank page bit was no longer cutting it; the second I named my blog and posted my tagline about living the happy internet lifestyle with money making tips covered that.


Then I got more clear. I decided to stay on topic by making sure each post adhered to my blog title and tagline. This level of clarity helped me to make money blogging. I got on purpose, became super clear on what I had to offer and naturally attracted people who needed tips for how to make money online.


Your Turn


Do you confuse your readers or do you have a clear blog title and tagline? How can you get more clear in naming your blog or listing your tagline? Please share your thoughts below.


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Former fired security guard and current world traveler, Ryan Biddulph went from having a net worth of 4 cents to generating steady cash flow online while living in tropical paradises like Bali, Phuket and Hoi An.

Add trips to: Costa Rica, Peru, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar and you have the makings of a serious travel junkie. Sometimes he stops by his home state in NJ too. Ryan enjoys working out, meditating, taming tigers, feeding wild monkeys and helping you to make money blogging.
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