How I Achieved a Domain Authority 47 and Alexa of 48,000 on this Blog in 5 Simple Steps

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I was elated checking my stats a few hours ago. My Domain Authority jumped from 42 to 47 and my Alexa dropped another 1,000 points after being sick for a while. I could not write so I tetered around 49K for 3 weeks. Back in the blogging saddle now, writing, boosting my traffic and generating cash online.

Stats are nice. Because:

  • Stats monitor your progress
  • Advertisers pay based on stats
  • Stats can give you a little boost when you need it mentally

If you want to make money blogging do not chase stats. Do not check your stats each hour, obsessing over numbers. Numbers do not directly put cash in your pocket.

People do that. Write for people, or your blogging audience, to use the most effective of blogging tips in your favor. Write, track stats.

Stats Are Important

Never allow someone to tell you stats do not matter. Bullshit. Advertisers want to know how much traffic you generate and what your PR is and your Alexa and Domain Authority and all that good stuff.  So, without further adieu….

1: Write 2-3 Posts Daily

OK most days 3 posts. Do you want gaudy numbers? Churn out fresh content.

Sure you can publish once a week, or every 2 days, and build your Alexa but Domain Authority and especially Page Rank respond well to fresh, new content.

Same deal with traffic. I do not hit numbers like 14,000 page visits daily by publishing once a week.

2: Meet Many Friends

If 25 people share my post I will generate higher metrics than if 3 people shared my post. This is why you need to meet new friends and strengthen old bonds by sharing content of your buds and commenting on their blogs.

Meet people by joining tribes. Tribes are the secret trick to meet a ton of folks in a short amount of time.

Be social, spread the word, chat tribe mates up, share your best blogging tips and if you are an active tribe member you cannot help but to meet many friends and expand your online presence fast.

3: Push Yourself to Do 1 and 2

The first 2 tips weed out most bloggers. Many bloggers are chock full of excuses; following tips 1 and 2 are impossible to them, so they stare at me in how and ask how I did it.

I used to stare at bloggers with serious metrics in awe until I followed tip 3, and pushed myself. Then I began generating cash online and drawing in more readers and boosting my metrics quickly.

4: Download the Alexa Tool Bar

This gives you a nice little Alexa Score boost. Simple to do. Also helps you keep an eye on your competition.

5: Boost Your Social Shares

Social sharing plays a part in improving your stats and expanding brand awareness. Any smart work at home blogger should be active on social networks.

This happens naturally if you religiously follow tip 2. This happens with pained, strained effort if you act like a wallflower on social sites. Chat. Get connected. Share OPC: Other Peoples’ Content. Prosper.

I hate sounding preachy but you cannot, and will not, reach high level metrics by making excuses.

Push yourself, know why you want to make money blogging, hone your skills and enjoy the fruits of your work at home labors. Your bank account will thank you for your efforts.

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