How I Topped Bing for a Competitive Keyword without Trying to Do it

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What a nice morning surprise. After searching for the term “generate cash online” on bing I saw my websites listed as #1 and #3 on the search engine portal.

I had no idea I ranked so well on bing. I just did my best to help people, target my audience and network like crazy.

Funny things happen if you do a job but detach from the outcome. I preach to create and connect. Following each step daily has helped me travel the world. I prosper online through cash gifting and other activities because I focus on the process more than the outcome.

Writing natural-sounding, clear and concise content played a role in the strong positioning. So did these 4 steps.

1: I Solved Problems

Both my cash gifting website – search result #1 on bing – and my squeeze page – search result #3 on bing – solve a problem. People need:

  • Money making tips
  • My free newsletter
  • To live the happy internet lifestyle
  • A karmic way to attract money

I wrote ad copy based on these pressing needs to appeal to my audience, both on my website and squeeze page.

Because I solved problems for a set niche my sites placed well on Solve problems to become valuable to people and search engines.

2: I Went Light on SEO

Google, bing and yahoo are sick of keyword stuffing and other blackhat techniques because web users are sick of finding trash on Page 1. I mean, really…..what sounds better?

“Learn how to prosper through a karmic concept.”


“Generate cash online through this concept. If you want to generate cash online choose gifting now.”

Statement 1 resonates with searchers looking for benefits. Prospering using the law of karma appeals to my team members. I rode that trend while developing my ad copy.

I linked up through the search phrase “generate cash online” below in my Author bio. Natural, organic clicks helped me perform well for this term on bing.

Naturally, going light on keyword usage appealed to the big search engines. Everybody wants a better user experience based on authenticity. Stop trying to game search engines. Be honest, clear and direct through your ad copy.

3: I Detached

I had no clue I ranked on bing. I could care less. I care on some level I guess but I did not think about it until querying “cash gifting” on earlier today. Detaching from outcomes helps the outcomes manifest. If you focus on the process of reaching a goal you care less about the goal, because your mind is in the moment, on the steps to take, instead of the goal itself.

Detaching from wanting to top bing or Google or to make $1500 a day helps you focus on how to reach those goals. Allow, let the How arrive, follow the steps and you might just create some fab stuff quickly in your life.

4: I Built My Network by Promoting Others

Someone just asked on a community forum about how to get traffic. I responded by explaining that you need to give something. Give. Get. Karma. Give away traffic to others by promoting their content and commenting on their posts.

I generated a ton of hits to my cash gifting sites by having over 5,000 Facebook friends, 27,000 twitter followers and 1,000 Google Plus Circle mates. I reached those numbers by promoting others, commenting on blogs and social sites and of course, by following and friending people freely.

Give. Get. My mass of clicks through social sites originated in me helping people out. Helpful people become popular people.

Do you check search terms on

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Former fired security guard and current world traveler, Ryan Biddulph went from having a net worth of 4 cents to generating steady cash flow online while living in tropical paradises like Bali, Phuket and Hoi An.

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