Attracting Money Fast – 9 Tips

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Attracting money fast improves your life immediately. No stressing. No straining. No striving. Go out to eat now, pay in cash. Pay your bills now, no worries, with plenty of money left over. Money also multiplies your presence. Give to charity, or become a philanthropist.

Money comes to you. Engrain this idea onto your mind. Never chase money; it flees when chased. Attract cash. Maintain a prospering, calm, confident vibe money can’t possibly resist. Money finds you fast if you feel abundant.

My money posts are far and away the most popular posts on this blog. Money plays a chief role in our lives. Currency integrates itself into much of what we do. Unless you are a monk, or living on a deserted island, or in a cave, money plays a large part in many things you choose to do – or not do – today.

Right now, are you sitting at a job you dislike? You are doing it for the money. No good. Right now, can you book a plane ticket to anywhere on earth, drop everything, get on a plane tonight, and spend 1 month in a tropical paradise? You have plenty of money. You learned how to attract cash and are free, financially, free from a set schedule, free from just about anything.

See why it makes sense to have plenty of money?

Attracting Money Fast

1 – Call Money

Say, “Here, money, money money. Cash and checks, cash and checks, cash and checks.” Do this for 10 minutes daily. You attract whatever you choose to call into your life. If you want more money you must call on it frequently, to increase your net worth. Speak this phrase throughout the day. Vibe up. Smile as you speak the words. Money flows to people who call money into their lives. Ask. Receive.

2 – Say “Thank You”

Repeat the heartfelt phrase, “Thank You”, over and over today. Right now. Thank the Universe for your eyes, to read this post, the laptop or desktop computer you are reading from….the list goes on and on. Keep saying “Thank You”, a warm, fuzzy feeling invades your heart, or divine center, you become magnetic to good things like money. Gratitude is a conduit to good. Feel grateful, you receive more things to be grateful for.

3 – Meditate

Meditate for 30 minutes daily. Meditation expands your awareness, helping you observe blocks to money, or other good things. Meditation helps you face, embrace and release limiting beliefs surrounding money. As these low energies dissipate you attract money with increasing ease. Sit still. Allow your mind to go blank. Follow your breathing. If your attention drifts, note this, and gently but firmly move your attention back to your breathing. The practice helps you note your thoughts and feelings, a critical step in releasing money blocks.

4 – Visualize

The outside world is a reflection of your predominant mental picture, backed with your predominant mental vibe. What you experience starts from within. Visualizing is seeing things within, so you eventually see these same things without. Back your mental picture with positively charged emotions. See, smell, hear, touch your mental picture. The emotions attract to you the ideas, circumstances and people to make your predominant mental picture manifest. Visualize for 20 minutes daily to make money fast.

5 – Do a Money Dance

Dance around after spending a dime. $1000. $100,000. The Universe knows no difference between these amounts. Humans add labels. The Universe gauges your feelings and sends you more of the same. Like spending money? Good, the Universe sends you more. Action. Reaction. Sow. Reap. Your feelings are the great attractive or repelling force in your life. Do a money dance. Celebrate spending. Release money freely. Money flows to you freely.

6 – Overdeliver

Whatever you do, overdeliver. Writing a blog post about attracting money fast? Give people a comprehensive, soup to nuts manual. 1000 words or more. Use keywords to attract your target market. Never hold back. Money finds you with increasing ease as you overdeliver. You stick out like a sore thumb. Other people are in a rush, penning shorter, value-starved posts, and they make little impact. You overdeliver, pen a viral post, top search engines and get paid fast.

7 – Detach

Detach from making money. Feel your richness now. Forget about outcomes. Meditation helps in this department. Focus on giving, be open to receiving, but detach from channels. This opens you up to infinite channels, meaning the Universe showers you with abundance ridiculously quickly, because you know a few ways to make money, the Universe has ways and means from here to eternity, when you detach from making money.

8 – Use a Study Guide

Center your studies around a proven wealth creating manual. I like “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind”, by Dr. Joseph Murphy. Refer to the book frequently throughout the day to keep you in the proper vibe. Study guides provide you with a tangible reference in any moment. Read while waiting on line at the store, on the train or bus, whenever. Feast on the concepts and prosper.

9 – Laugh

Being light attracts dough. Laughing attracts to you more things to laugh about, like a massive windfall, big check or wad of cash. Works so well, when you smile and laugh frequently good things like money find you.

Attracting Money Fast – Summary

Call money. Calling money frequently increases the flow of cash into your life. Say “Thank You” throughout the day. Gratitude is a conduit to good things, like money. Meditate daily to dissolve limiting beliefs you possess concerning money. As these blocks disappear money pops up. Visualize yourself in possession of money to receive more money fast. As within, so without. Do a money dance as you spend money. What you celebrate, multiplies, in your life. Overdeliver consistently to stand out from the crowd and make money quickly. Detach from outcomes, opening you up to the infinite channels the Universe provides you with to acquire money. Use a wealth creation study guide as a tangible resource throughout the day. Laugh a lot, to attract more things to laugh about, like large sums of cash.

Attracting money fast becomes easy as cake as you follow these 9 tips each day.

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