Are you in Danger of Becoming a Grumpy Blogger?

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Earlier I wrote This Post on my own blog. My very last post of the year (or so I thought) and I started ranting and raving about my lot in life and how little money I have had this past 2013.  I went on about how I have struggled and kept getting knocked back.  Towards the end of the post I had a more positive outlook for 2014 but still I was being a grump and telling a bad news money story.

Less than an hour after publishing my post and leaving me a thought provoking comment on it Ryan published this post about how Your Money Story Might Be Destroying Your Life. After reading it my first thought was that he wrote this in response to my own post earlier that day and that maybe he is having some sort of a dig at me.  Of course that’s far from the truth as I know that Ryan would never do that to me.  Ryan after all is a Generous, Helpful and Inspiring blogger who’s greatest wish is to help other bloggers both old and new achieve success in their endeavours!

This still got me thinking though! And after thinking about it more and more I came to realise that I am in Danger of Becoming a Grumpy Blogger. Are you? What are the signs to look out for and how do we deal with them?

  • Get a Good Blogging Life Balance

All Blogging/Working and no Play makes for a Grumpy Blogger.  Take time away from the blogging world and immerse yourself into what you enjoy doing!  Blogging is an emotional and creative activity that needs to be kept fresh dear reader!  If you keep blogging all the time and not taking time out to do what you enjoy doing you will turn into a Grumpy Blogger and your content will suffer and not be as fresh, helpful or inspirational.

  • Read What Others are Saying about You But…

……don’t believe everything you read about yourself!  Yes of course over time other bloggers and people will write things about you and what you write (Especially if you become a well known blogger) and yes it is important to monitor what people say about you and your blog but train your mind to just read and not to believe what they are saying abut you!  I like to think that I have trained my mind not to own what people say about me and my writing and to not get sucked in and carried away with it!

People will try and put you down from time to time and it’s easy to get sucked in and fly off the handle.  A greater blogger is one that walks away and ignores criticisms and put downs not one that react to them!

  • Do or Do Not there is No Try.

I love this Saying by Yoda from the Star Wars Movie The Empire Strikes Back.  If you have doubts about your blogging ability then keep telling yourself this saying!  I keep telling myself every morning “I Will become a Great Blogger” not “I will try and become a great blogger”.  People who Try – give up. People who Do – Do.

  • Get a Thick Hide

It’s good to be surrounded with people that Encourage you, Forgive you,  Push you and Praise you so seek those people out and surround yourself with them but don’t become complacent and believe everyone will be like that as some people will try and Put you down, argue and tell you that you will not amount to anything (Both my parents kept telling me this) it’s this reason you need to develop a think skin!

When someone put’s you down about your writing don’t get shocked but comment back with reasons for the points you have made, be honest and tell them why you believe your right in your points. don’t argue or make points to fuel an argument but be diplomatic and most of all don’t take what others have said to heart.

  • Don’t let people Steal your Dreams

I am forever being told by people that I will never get anywhere and that I should just continue to look for a normal 9 – 5 job and that my dreams of becoming a great and successful blogger are just that just that. just a pipe dream and it will never amount to anything.  Let me tell you hear and now that I REFUSE to let my dreams go and I will see them develop.

Look at Ryan he is a fired security guard who had no money and a huge amount of debt he he is now a globe trotting blogger who is living his dream. Ryan has written this great post with ten points to stop people from stealing your dreams.

My dreams are mine and I refuse to let them go!  I am slowly training my mind to stop negativity affect me and turn me into a grumpy or depressed blogger.  Yes people will keep telling me that I should not dream big as I am setting myself up for disappointed and that I should just accept my lot in life and the Status Quo.  People will and can keep telling me that. But I know for a fact that the more they keep telling me these things the more hungry I become for success to just prove them wrong! If Ryan can live his dreams then so can I, and if I can make my dreams a reality then so can YOU.

Happy New Year and I hope your 2014 is everything you hope for.

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