How Can You Tolerate Annoying People?

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No matter how enlightened you think yourself to be, annoying people will teach you otherwise.

I read a quote by Ram Dass once:

“If you think you’re enlightened spend a weekend with your parents.” ~ Ram Dass

Many otherwise intelligent and wise people get a bit giddy if they have found a new level of serenity or peace. Then an annoying person comes along.


All goes out the window. People who you have know for years can be the most annoying. Why? Paradigms. You mom annoys you because she always does this. Your dad annoys you because he always does that.

This annoying person always submits guest posts in the wrong format, or this agitating person pitches their home business over and over.

The Root Cause of Annoyance is…..YOU.

My Story

I remember my first few years as a Peoples Program cash gifting coach. I was a personal development junkie alright but had a difficult time applying my new found knowledge to my craft.

I would get easily annoyed at whiny or whimpy or complaining TPP team members – and I had a few of them – complaining about, the club, gifting in general, my level of support, or anything under the sign.

Sometimes I snapped back. At other times I listened with a compassionate ear then proceeded to serve up a reality check.

But I need to admit; I wasted hours getting agitated and throwing hissy fits when I should have been dealing with the annoyances in a more direct and effective fashion. If I did not get annoyed I cut have responded to these folks and exited stage left, pronto.

Benefits of Skillfully Dealing with Annoying People

  • Increased peace of mind
  • Improve your ability to deal with problems
  • Sleep better
  • Lower your blood pressure


Right now the internet keeps going in and out. Instead of being annoyed I write a blog post. More readers, more cash gifting leads, more affiliate sales, less stress.

Sound good? OK, let’s discuss how you can tolerate annoying people.

1: Own It

Own all annoying feelings. You choose to be annoyed. You would choose to be unfazed by insistent people.

You could ignore potentially annoying people. You are the one feeling the annoyed feelings and the more you resist or cling to these feelings the annoyance grows.

Own it all. When you find yourself getting annoyed use this little personal develop tip. Chat:

“Own it, own it, own it, own it.”

Chant for a few minutes if needed to own your feelings. To realize that you are the person being annoyed.

2: Be Free of Annoyance

If certain people form an annoying habit in your life, meaning they continually annoy you, you 2 are not an energetic match. Spend less time with these people. Family members or friends, raising your blood pressure and killing your peace of mind is too high a price to pay.

Get out of the house more. Find good energetic matches. Seek out friends who are on the same wavelength.

This simple practice will help you free yourself from the annoying person. Or the person who you choose to see in an annoying light.

Right now I check in here and there to go online. The internet goes in and out every few seconds. Rather than get annoyed or upset, I can be thankful for the internet, or having access to it….and…


We always have a way out. Take another option. Change your perspective. Rock it out.

3: Practice Meditation

Meditating frequently is my favorite personal development tool. Spot your annoyance before it flares up. Practice meditating. Observe your feelings. Be in the moment. Doing so improves you ability to spot annoying feelings, face them, embrace them and release the,,,

…..which of course brings you increased peace of mind.

4: Express Gratitude

Bless your annoyances. I imagine the old days. My team members taught me how to become a pro. I learned how pros work when I became annoyed at my TPP mentor.

He was brief and curt in all interactions and responded each 1-2 days. What I took as rudeness was in fact a busy, efficient approach employed by a wealthy, successful person.

Lesson learned. I became a much more capable, caring and effective mentor by studying my annoyances and be being thankful for these imperfections. If I never got annoyed, how could I know what was holding me back?

There you have it.

Are you still annoyed? :)

What tips can you add to this list?

How do you deal with annoying people?

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