8 Social Media Strategy Tips for Bloggers

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Reaching the world does not have to cost you a fortune.

Social media is important but as a blogger you may not have time for it. There is just so much to do, including signing up to the various accounts and constantly posting, without spamming. You then need to engage, interact, link to others and offer something valuable for everyone. How do you manage all of that with just a few hours a week? The good news is that it is possible with these 8 social media tips for bloggers.

1. Find a Program to Help: Don’t learn all the different social media strategies, layouts and programs. There are plenty of programs, such as TweetDeck and Hootsuite, that will allow you to group your social media profiles together and post at multiple places at the same time.


2. Register with the Same Name: Part of the success with social media comes from gaining a lot of followers/likers/circles (depending on the platform). The idea is to create a brand and you can do that by using the same name on each one. Use your own name or the name of your blog to help with this.

3. Schedule Your Posts: To make sure all your content is shared regularly, set up a schedule. This is easily done with the programs. Make one day a week dedicated to creating that schedule for the week and send your posts out on a regular basis. Have at least one post per day on each platform.

4. Create Your Own Schedule: Even with scheduled posts you will need to visit your profiles. This allows you to answer questions and engage with your followers. Create your own schedule to spend a few minutes each day to check in with the people following you and wanting to know more.

Spend time creating not sharing.

5. Use Images: Images and videos are very useful on social media. Use them to your advantage. The image in your blog post is perfect for this you could even use it as a way to set up a fun game for the people following you to get them to contribute to your page.

6.Share Other Content: When you read something from someone else that you enjoyed, share it with your followers. This gets away from the page being all about you a while you want it to be about you, it stops a lot of people bothering to follow you because it’s just promotional.

7. Track the Results: You need a way to track the results that you get. This helps determine whether your current strategy is working. Consider your goals and whether your blog is meeting those. If any social networks don’t work, cut them out or change your strategy! You can use software like Goo.gl to track results.

8. Use a Subscription Service: BlogLovin and Feedburner are too excellent ways to create a subscription service. All you need then is a call to action for people to subscribe and instantly get all your content!

Encourage people to like and share with software to save time.

Social media doesn’t have to take hours. There is a lot of software available to help manage your pages and get your content out there and most don’t cost much (if anything!). Schedule some of your posts but make sure you get in there and engage.

Alexandria Ingham is a freelance writer with experience in technology, social media marketing and the history and success of Steve Wynn.

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