5 Tips for Marketing Your Gifting Club Effectively on Twitter

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I just got off the phone with another high energy person interested in cash gifting. He noted finding me on Twitter. To all naysayers yep, the network still rocks IF you use it properly. A simple communication channel that is twitter. So stick to the basics to generate cash online with the social network.

The basics rock. You fudge things up on twitter by being silly, by making things complex. Relax. Create value, build connections and beat that drum on a daily basis to rock it out with your gifting club on the tweet networks.


Marketing on Twitter:

- helps you reach a massive audience of targeted leads fast.

- builds your brand quickly.

- Is a relatively easy way to market your work at home opportunity.

- Becomes really fun!

Cash Gifting

Tip 1 – Create Value at Each Turn to Become Valuable on Twitter

Add value to all that you do. Make your twitter stream fun, enlightening and too darn attractive to ignore. Successful cash gifting program tweeters take the time to create value at each turn of the tweet. Always share something that helps your followers. Grow your network by sharing freely. As you sow so shall you generate cash online. Or something like that.

Tip 2 – Engage Persistently to Increase Your Visibility and Expand Your Presence on the Website

Just hop on twitter and share helpful views frequently and of course engage to show that yep you are a person not a profile. This one is missed by most all twitter failures. Your cash gifting team grows if you gain the trust of your target market. This means chatting individuals up. You prove that you are listening when you engage individuals.

Ask questions and provide answers to those questions. This is the most direct way to chat. Also respond to as many RTs as possible with a “Thank You” to increase engagement train momentum. The simple practice works wonders because proving you are a live body separates you from the many twitter stiffs out there.

Tip 3 – Stay on Topic All the Time to Avoid Confusing Your Audience

I am a cash gifting coach so I tweet about cash gifting. I also tweet about the law of attraction and sowing and reaping because each topic is closely related to gifting. Straying off topic only confuses your audience. If you work at home then include work at home related keywords in most posts. This 1 is so easy if you will just remain disciplined in staying on topic.

Tip 4 – Inject Some Serious Positive Energy into Your Marketing Campaign

This one is the X Factor. Inject really positive, pulsating energy into your cash gifting club marketing campaign to make a positive impression on the mind of your audience. Think through the feeling behind each act. Laugh a lot more and stress a ton less. Shift your energy to create a really positive aura around your twitter campaign.

This simple tips is missed by the walking dead masses, straining and striving without ever checking their energy. Your energy makes all the difference! Remember this as you build up your twitter campaign. How you feel attracts to you ideas, people and circumstances to manifest your dreams. Better high vibe it to attract happy circumstances.

Tip 5 – Effectiveness Grows out of Dogged Persistence Folks

Follow tips 1 through 4 for a few days or weeks and you see nothing! Stick with them through a period of months and years to see lasting killer results. Your club grows as you work to promote the activity. No way around this one so get on twitter each and every day to spread the word. Automating some helps a good deal so feel free to tool it up. Persistently create value and engage on the website.

You need to be really hungry to generate cash online. No you cannot throw in the towel you must simply develop a stronger desire fire when things get tough and yes, you will rock it out with your cash gifting club.

Your Turn

How do you market your gifting club on twitter?

What tips can you add to this list?

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