5 Steps to Personalize Your Gifting Capture Page

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Cash gifting mentors should personalize as much as possible to stand out from the crowd. No need to be sheeple. How? Add your stamp. You are law of attraction buffs. You know birds of a feather find the same flock. So be you and attract like minded people easily. Let go. Be original by personalizing at every turn.

Personalizing can help skyrocket your online business conversions which boosts your cash flow in a big way. Be you and connect, grow your list and prosper.

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Step 1 – Post Pictures of Yourself on Your Cash Gifting Squeeze Page

Some people are so obsessed with getting numbers they forget to post a picture of themselves. Who cares if someone signs up for your list if they do not connect with you? Connections count. All else matters not. You want connections not list numbers. Post pics of yourself on your cash gifting squeeze page. Connect.

Step 2 – Include Your Name on the Capture Page

Post your name on your capture page to drive more leads to the page. Trust counts in this game. OK, I am signing up for this work at home freebie but who is the wizard behind the curtain? Who is pulling the strings? Include your name to make more of an impression on your web viewers. Stick out. ID yourself.

Step 3 – Add Your Own Copy to Your Capture Page

Edit your squeeze page copy to stand out from the generic crowd. You need to add your personal touch and write with your own unique style. Think through each line to ensure your copy vibes with what you most value. This is of utmost importance if you plan to make a personal connection with your readers. Put the legwork in and add your own copy to make a firm impress on the minds of your readers. Trust me you will definitely make an impact by tailoring your page in this manner.

Step 4 – Buy a Domain Name and Hosting

The Peoples Program offers you a kick butt website but purchasing a domain name and hosting helps me take off the TPP branded website name which is a bit generic. You can select any cash gifting related name which has not been purchased yet so get creative and search. Pick law of attraction or prosperity themed names to resonate with people who dig gifting big time. Target with the name to build your brand too.

Step 5 – See if You Can Get More Personal by Testing

Testing your page and gauging how many hits you are receiving, as well as how many opt ins you generate will demonstrate if you should be personalizing on a more consistent basis. Think through your gifting marketing campaign in detail. Maybe you can add more smiling pictures of yourself. I added a ton of my travel pictures to my capture page because I live the internet lifestyle and believe this resonates with other law of attraction fans interested in cash gifting.

Test and tweak when necessary and do not be afraid to personalize or customize too much because this is rarely an issue in the generate cash online arena. If anything most people are way too bland.

Your Turn

So do you personalize your work at home business squeeze page?

Or are you a bit more of a generic type?

What tips can you add to my list?

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