Why Did I Publish up to 47 Blog Posts a Day…or More?

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OK, click this link:

Online Business Tips

Scroll down to Load More Posts. Click it once or twice to see all 30 of my posts for August 21, 2013. Yes, 30 posts. Some were 30 second videos, others, pictures, and a few were the most uber short posts, a few lines.

But I still posted 30 times on that day. I did so more than a few days. To 1 blog.

Now click on this link:

17 Posts Today

I posted 17 deals that day on this blog. Again, many were images or short, few sentence inspiring posts. A few were longer though. Many awesome, power-packed videos in between too.

I actually published 60 posts in one day between both blogs – 30 on each – but could not find the day.

Why in the hell did I publish up to 47 or more posts daily?

To Test My Limits

To be:

  • Uncomfortable
  • Worried
  • A creative dynamo
  • A money making machine
  • Prolific
  • Open to new ideas
  • Frustrated with writer’s block
  • Fearful of criticism
  • Embracing of the fear of criticism
  • A blogging machine
  • Willing to listen to my intuition

My intuition told me to post this frequently to test my limits. Something funny happens when you test your limits. Much of what you do will make little sense to you or the people around you. Yet down the road you will see the benefits.

Your ego likes to create blind spots. Posting 100 word or less posts was a waste of time, I said in my mind, at times…..until 4 months later when this practice helped me to publish 3 to 5 posts – between my blog and paid opportunities daily – which built my authority here and helped me cash in, through ad revenue, cash gifts, new clients, new ebook buyers, and the mentioned paid posting opportunities.

Each post, whether a photo, or valuable video, was a building block for the future. This is just 1 step I needed to take to become wildly prolific. I needed to test my limits before I blasted through my limits.

Posting 60 times daily made me test my limits.

Would I suggest this posting style for you?


And Yes!

SEO-wise, and blogging-wise, and brand-building wise…..this strategy makes little sense…but look at the end product??? If you wonder how I publish 5-7 posts here, between 1 minute power-packed videos, and 600 word posts, and write 2-3 paid posts on most days….and network like a machine….and travel the world…and keep cash gifting, and growing, and working out…well here you are.

Spectacular Results Happen After Spectacular but Uncomfortable Growing Moments

I did not make much money during this stretch. I lost many readers. But I did grow like a weed through these spectacular times, and this growth landed me interviews on brand.com and bloggingtips.com, and it attracted multiple cash gifting team members to me, and it made me more prolific than I could ever dream of.

So yeah, I am living the dream so many want to live, traveling all over the world, because I did stuff which made little sense to most people.

After a few weeks of posting in this fashion my intuition told me to change it up. I wrote longer posts but I still published daily, then I integrated video again and published 5 times or more daily.

My Advice to You

If you need to make a breakthrough in your blogging career do something extremely uncomfortable. Do the impossible. Break most of the rules you ever learned about blogging. Doing so will:

  • Boost your confidence
  • Improve your self esteem
  • Promote your prolific nature
  • Help you make more money online than you ever dreamed of
  • Set the stage for your dream life
  • Accelerate your growth to insane levels
  • Attract successful people to you.

Whether you want to post once a day for the first time or 70 times a day, go for it. Why? Because listening to your intuition and doing extremely uncomfortable stuff creates an insane, ridiculously fun, dream-laden life for yourself.

Check me out right now. 90 and sunny in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Just look up top. I am blessed. I have been gifted, but I used my gifts like a beast at times to make this dream life happen.

What insane blogging goals have you achieved? What are you aiming for? How can you better chase your dream by doing uncomfortable stuff?

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