4 Tips for Becoming a Brilliantly Strategic Blogger

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I snapped this shot in March 2013 in beautiful Phuket, Thailand.

I snapped this shot in March 2013 in beautiful Phuket, Thailand.



Thinking through my next blog post now on a bus ride from Kovalam Beach to Chennai in India I focused on strategies.

Why do bloggers do what they do to make money blogging?

I intend to teach online classes to my blogging audience though each post so strategic thinking is paramount to me.

Adopting a strategy also helps me to target my audience so I can create appropriate, problem solving content for them and prosper.

Strategic thinking might be a tough task at first. Wallace Wattles, noted prosperity author, said that engaging in sustained, consecutive thought was the hardest thing to do.

I agree with him fully.

Taking part in hard, manual labor can be difficult but directing your thoughts to a specific end over a set period of time is the most difficult of tasks.

Thinking strategically to make money blogging poses less of a challenge if you set the intent to think each blog post too.




Now as I am on the smooth portion of our ride on the Indian highway in the middle of nowhere I am thinking about one thing: how to best serve my readers at Cash With A True Conscience.

I am peppering this post with the keywords: “make money blogging”, “online classes” and “work at home” because my readers search for such terms, and want to make money blogging, work at home and attend online classes to improve their blogging and money making skills.

This is what engaging in strategic thinking is all about; deliberately think through what you want to do to reach your target audience.


1: Think…..I Mean Really Think


This is challenging at first. I wanted to plaster my squeeze page all over Facebook Groups early in my career.

I wanted to reach prospective work at home entrepreneurs and make money blogging using shortcuts which required little to no thinking on my part.

Boy did I fail! I had to practice thinking through each paragraph of each post to become a stratetic blogger.

I had to dwell on concepts I never dwelled upon before to beome more effective at reaching my target audience.

Tough work, which at times drove me nuts, but in the end, setting up online classes through my posts, it has been well worth it.


2: Focus on the Layout of Your Blog


I used to write like crazy without thinking about presentation. Since most readers scan posts for information I was in real trouble because my posts were a laborious read.

Long, square paragraphs with few headers; a recipe for disaster.

After adopting a strategic approach I wrote short, punchy paragraphs and employed frequent use of headers to make my content scannable.

This takes thinking and work because rushing through to create an unformatted post is a big temptation that few bloggers can resist.

Focus on the layout of your blog. Think your way through your presentation.


3: Follow the Leader


Almost every leading blogger is a strategic dynamo. Becoming successful requires you to think your way through your blogging campaign to make money blogging because:

  • Thinkers generally become blogging leaders
  • Leaders prosper by targeting their market intelligently
  • Successful bloggers do the industrious mental legwork that failures are too lazy to execute

Follow the blogging leaders in your niche. Analyze their strategy. Observe their lessons. Leaders publish posts which make you think about:

  1. SEO
  2. Blog layout
  3. Better ways to target your audience
  4. Overall design
  5. Building strategic partnerships
  6. Creating effective effective calls to action

This continual thinking about authority blogs and how you can apply lessons learned from top shelf bloggers develops the habit of engaging in sustained thought.

No longer do you need to fail by being on the thinking level of a banana slug.

Follow the blogging leader.


4: Dwell on the End Game


Why are you blogging?

Maybe you truly want to serve others but ultimately you want to become a professional blogger who generates enough money to make a living.

Think through that 1-2 punch each time you sit down to publish a blog post.

Think through the end game to strategically and intelligently think through your plan, execute, and reach your end game.

Sell a dream. Scan down my sidebar.

Soak up my travel picture pictures.

Check out my super sized travel pic with each post. This is how I make money blogging.

This is how I draw in the work at home crowd. I sell a dream you wish to experience.

I think through the end game, take the steps to get there and prosper.

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