3 Tips to Help You Become the Object of Every Entrepreneur’s Envy

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OK I admit; I live a cool life. I will be visiting one of my fave countries on earth in a few weeks; Thailand. Then I will be spending 4 months on perhaps the most stunning, breath-taking, ultimate island destination on the face of the earth. Details coming soon :) But anything many online entrepreneurs envy me. Or offline entrepreneurs too. But one thing these folks miss makes the difference between me and them.


To be the object of people’s envy you must do freeing but uncomfortable stuff on a daily basis for months or years.


Envious folks have zero interest in doing freeing but uncomfortable as hell stuff in this minute, let alone for weeks, months or years. It feels so much easier to sit on the sidelines than to hop in, get in the game and suffer through the experience to see home based opportunity victory. I am not envious of anybody; I live my dreams……BUT to make those dreams come true I had to do many things that were difficult, or humiliating, but oh so freeing too.


1: Do Uncomfortable Stuff


I post 4-5 times daily to my blog. I push myself to do uncomfortable stuff to reach the goals and live the dreams few other reach and live. The formula is simple; whether you want to succeed with affiliate marketing, gifting or any niche do the uncomfortable, challenging things few other people want to do in order to live the life many others will envy.


Jealous people can do what you do, now, if they wanted to, but many lack the balls or conviction to dive in. I do not blame them for not jumping in but I would stress that they must hold themselves responsible for their lot in life.


Write more posts, create more videos, send out more newsletters, make more calls and speak to more people on the phone. Do the freeing but challenging stuff to become free.


2: Know Why


Let me tell you something about me; I would not do anything much if I did not tie my life’s purpose to being free. I love helping you. I love inspiring others. But I want to be free more than anything else because I know that being free helps me offer the best service for you. I know why I want to reach my goals. I love traveling the world. In a few weeks I will be typing these words from Bangkok, Thailand. I am elated! I dig Thailand more than any country other than the US.


So yeah, I am psyched to write 4-5 posts today because I know that doing so affords me the ability to vacation on one of the best islands on earth this summer for 4 months. Exciting stuff! The emotions you choose to drive you determine whether you become an average nobody or the object of everybody’s envy. Choose a strong, pulsating driver to do astounding things in this life.


3: Push through the Trolls


Trolls – or nasty critics – might line your path. Fools stop to fight them. Wise people ignore them. If you want to take one piece of advice for your home based opportunity career carry this one with you; ignore critics. Sure you can listen in to feedback but if you let them go and refuse to respond you can live your dreams much more quickly.


Never stop to fight. Force negates. The more you fight the more you will find trolls move into your life, ready to fight you at a moment’s notice. More harsh critics will land on your doorstep. Let them go.  Set up a vacuum for kind, loving people to move into if you really want to succeed online.


How do you push yourself?

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