3 Tips to Cut Your Home Based Business Learning Curve by Light Years

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Cutting your home business learning curve puts money in your pocket fast. You prosper. Your team grows quickly.

Less stress. Less straining. Less striving. Isn’t that the goal? Really, working hard is not necessary, nor required. Working smart, working persistently, that’s the goal.

Home Business Learning Curve

1 – Partner with a Pro

Partner with a pro to cut your learning curve fast. Cash gifting. MLM. Whatever.

Get live 1 on 1 training. Tap in to continual support. Grow by learning from a winner, first hand. Do strict due diligence to select a coach. Check the sponsor’s:

* Facebook
* Twitter
* Blog

Who do they hang with? Positive folk? What do they talk about? Are they accessible? Demand answers to these questions before partnering. Learn from the mistakes of a pro. Save time.

2 – Spend 1 Hour or More on Personal Development Daily

Each massive breakthrough in my career was preceded by intense personal development. Meditating. Visualizing. Affirming.

As within so without. Your learning curve drops off by honing your mental tools for 1 or more hours daily. Does 1 hour sound like too much? Check out the alternative: look around at 97% of people, in life. Not happy, healthy, wealthy campers. Do it.

10 minutes minimum, each day:

* Meditate
* Visualize
* Affirm


3 – Work Daily

I am convinced: most struggle due to not working daily. Follow a proven system daily. Taking days off adds weeks, then months, then years to your learning curve.

You miss out on mistakes, lessons, all types of valuable stuff, on the sidelines. Your job becomes infinitely easier, quickly, if you work daily.

Steps to take:

* Hit Social Networks
* Write 1 Blog Post
* Check Skype

Home Business Learning Curve – Summary

Partner with a pro. Save yourself time by learning from the mistakes of experienced people. Spend time on personal development. Hone your mental tools. Persist like heck. Work daily, to make your job easier and explode your home business.

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To Your Success,

Ryan Biddulph
Prosperity Coach
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