3 Reasons Why Building a Blog Helps You Make Money Online

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I used to get fed up with people telling me to build a blog. Yes I knew cash gifting coaches could benefit from blogging but why?

I received few tangible reasons as a newbie blogger so I naturally avoided this internet marketing strategy. Why? Heck I had no real motivator in place. I had no one tell me exactly why I need to blog. So I blogged little, generated few if any cash gifting leads and of course, I did not generate cash online at any steady clip.


I was frustrated and broke. I blamed myself though, thank goodness, as I am adept at owning my failures. I needed to find good reasons to blog. Once I found them, bingo! I was set. I was motivated again. I took on the blogging world like gangbusters!!


1 – One Stop Shopping for Prospects


Imagine showing up on your blog. You want answers. You want solutions to your cash gifting problems. So you naturally help people with videos, articles, reviews, podcasts and all forms of content. People seek content. You can provide the solution.


It is like 1 stop shopping for prospects when you think about it. People hungry to generate cash online see all types of content posted to your blog. Like a kid in a candy shop, your prospects run a web search and see some really neat, helpful content.


2 – You Can Open Multiple Incomes Streams through Your Blog


I can prosper through cash gifting, my consulting services or Adsense via my blogs. That is 3 regular prosperity streams for me to tap into. Posting content is just part of the story. Then you need to monetize things, at least if you wish to generate cash online. Monetize and you prosper.


Fail to monetize and you make no money online. Be smart. Offer value. Open channels through which you can deliver more value and receive value. So I, as a cash gifting coach, provide you with oodles of helpful content through my list emails. Then after receiving this helpful content you send me a cash pledge and join my Peoples Program team.


That is smart marketing through blogging. Create value. Become value. Open up channels of income to make money online.


3 – Quick Upload Time


I can churn out this helpful post in 15 minutes. Updating your blog is quick and easy. You send out targeted content fast, Google falls in love with your blog and you reach up Google’s results.  Blogging allows you to establish your authority quickly which helps you cash in too.


Be patient but be aggressive. Put out content on a steady basis but never take your foot off the pedal. People want solutions to their work at home problems. Give up those solutions to prosper. Create steadily. Ship your content quickly. The goal is to help people at a  quick clip, churning out content each day. When I hit the Publish button I am set. Another piece of Ryan’s blog content online, ready for Google to devour. I like that!


Your Turn


Do you run a blog? Why? Why not?


How do you make money online through blogging?


Ryan Biddulph is a world traveler and online coach who makes money online through cash gifting.

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Ryan Biddulph

Former fired security guard and current world traveler, Ryan Biddulph went from having a net worth of 4 cents to generating steady cash flow online while living in tropical paradises like Bali, Phuket and Hoi An.

Add trips to: Costa Rica, Peru, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar and you have the makings of a serious travel junkie. Sometimes he stops by his home state in NJ too. Ryan enjoys working out, meditating, taming tigers, feeding wild monkeys and helping you to make money blogging.
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