12 Tips for Quickly Boosting Your Affiliate Marketing Sales

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Imagine this; you have worked for years online. Sure things have been going swimmingly; plenty of success, readers for your blog, a few nice trips here and there….ok, a few LONG, fun trips here and there.

But one day you look at your Adsense earnings. See dollars instead of hundreds. Then you look around; where the hell are you generating income from? How are you boosting cash flow through your blogging efforts?

Frustrated – well, outright pissed off – you decide to increase your affiliate marketing sales. Only one problem; you are not an affiliate! I mean, you are literally selling, like, nothing on your blog. So, stat, you decide to partner with opportunities you believe in.

After some tweaking, content creating, linking and dissolving on mental blocks affiliate sales flow to you. You boosted sales. Quickly. All because you assessed the situation.

The above story is my story. Old RB, the globe-trotting, swash-buckling, internet lifestyle junkie had little to show for my blog. As of 1 month ago I set up adsense on my blog. I generated a prosperity stream through cash gifting with The Peoples Program. I offered my ghostwriting services. Other than that I established income streams through writing paid guest posts and servicing SEO clients as well as providing services to my Peoples Program cash gifting team.

That was me, staring in rage at my eager Google Adsense earnings. That was me, realizing that I had partnered with zero affiliates. I was a dolt. So I cleaned up my act to boost affiliate marketing sales. I had to become a partner before boosting sales so I promoted only products or services I used AND believed in: hostmonster, hootsuite pro and sponsored tweets.

I sell what I believe in. I sell what I trust. But the selling part had to happen for me to open income streams through my blog.  For many years I felt weird selling stuff. I felt funny. I felt like people did not want to be sold when visiting my blog. Unfortunately, unless you are a millionaire with a fortune stowed away in the bank this mindset will absolutely, positively, kill your chances at succeeding online because for you to make money you must open channels through which you can make money.

I proudly bragged that my blog was “free of ads” but my bank account was also “fairly free of money,” or at least I should have been making much more money due to the amount of readers I attracted, page views I received and authority I had built through my blog.

Lesson 1. Or tip 1. Identify and release any weird/embarrassed, shamed feelings around selling to boost your affiliate marketing sales.


Tip 1: Identify Any Weird Feelings around Selling


So about a month ago I addressed my feelings after that fateful adsense checking day. I thought about online business solutions. Sure I was cash gifting and ghostwriting and adsensing and doing offsite stuff like writing for large clients but I really was not monetizing my blog. I feared selling. I feared being criticized. I feared being called a fraud. I feared people would not trust me.

I addressed these fears by doing the exact thing I feared to do; I signed up as a hostmonster affiliate and I signed up as a hootsuite pro affiliate. I did exactly what I feared doing and frankly, it was one of the most empowering things I ever did as an online business entrepreneur. It was one of the most enjoyable things I ever did since I started to make money online.

Frankly, I was stunned at how quickly and easily my reviews flowed out – gotta write those affiliate reviews to boost affiliate marketing sales guys – once I got clear on what I wanted to sell. Be honest with yourself. If you feel funny about monetizing your blog think of this: would doctor feel funny about making money helping patients? Well, you have likely spent years of your life learning your blogging craft, like a doctor, so get paid already!


Tip 2: Link Up Frequently in Posts


Admittedly I felt a little uncomfortable linking to my affiliate venture the first few posts I wrote. Then, I said, “screw this”, and linked up frequently because: 1 – I believe in these solutions and know they can help you and 2 – how the heck can people buy what I have to offer if I hide the offering?

Link up to your affiliate ventures in at least each post. Link up frequently. Increase the likelihood of making sales AND changing lives. Because I sell hostmonster to help you with your hosting. To boost your brand reputation and build your sales and to provide you with a robust online business solution, a solution to your hosting problem.

Do not, and I repeat, do not hide away. 1 link per post will generally not cut it. 2 or more links works nicely….one a link directly to the affiliate sales page and one to….the next tip…


3: Write a Resource Explaining Why You Should Buy the Product or Service


Why do you buy something? Identify a reason. Pinpoint a pain point and address the pain by purchasing a solution. Right now I am eating a nice bowl of oatmeal in Kathmandu, Nepal. I like oatmeal. I love it. I buy and eat oatmeal for breakfast because oatmeal tastes good and offers me a healthy alternative to sweet, sugary breakfast cereals.

OK, here is a neat pic I took yesterday, in Kathmandu, of a serene guru. Awesome image right?

Back to affiliate marketing….I buy oatmeal because the reasons are clear: I like being healthy and eating tasty foods. So I fork over my hard earned dollars. I spend freely because I know why I wish to spend. Bingo! Solution achieved.

Now think through your affiliate marketing venture. Why would people want to buy what you have to offer? Think through the reasons. Get busy writing a resource. Something like, “12 Reasons Why You Should Choose Hostmonster for Your Hosting” or “11 Reasons Why You Should Buy Hootsuite Pro.”

Then, write a 2000 to 3000 word RESOURCE addressing exactly why people should buy your affiliate product to drum up affiliate sales. Go in depth. Spend 2 or 3 days writing the post. Craft the content. The idea is not to write a blog post. The idea is to write a resource so anything thinking about making the buy just plain has to buy the product or service after reading your masterpiece.


4: Use the Product or Service


As you know I am a Peoples Program cash gifting mentor. This means I share a private opportunity to help you prosper online. I share the activity because I am a part of the activity. If I promoted the Empower Network without being a member of the Empower Network you would not trust me. Unless I have experienced the benefits of joining a venture how can I share the venture with authenticity?

The same idea rings true of your affiliate venture. Only sell what you use. Otherwise people will be able to spot you a mile away. Also, you can effectively convey your feeling of belief in a product or service you use regularly.

You know the drill by now; I have increased my affiliate marketing sales by simply promoting what I use. I saw the need to open income streams through my blog. I saw the opportunity to make money online. Then I thought about what I use and how the products benefited me. Hootsuite pro saves me 3 hours a day. Hostmonster saves me weeks of headaches by providing me with phenomenal tech support and reliable hosting.

I am a sponsored tweets affiliate because I enjoy making money with my tweets. Nice benefit, right? If you have experienced the benefits of using a product or service you can easily explain the benefits to your audience who will then buy your product or service in increasing numbers. Affiliate marketing sales, increased.


5: Banner Up


This one should be painfully obvious but I have learned one thing making money online; most people struggle by ignoring the obvious, the simple, and the clear. Banner up. Post affiliate banners along your sidebar.

Make the banners large. Make the banners obvious. Subtlety does NOT count here. Obvious does. Write a tiny blurb explaining the benefits of buying your product or service through your banner.

Scroll up. Although The Peoples Program is not affiliate marketing I do share the activity. Sharing means explaining how sharing benefits you. So, if you want to be happy about your financial situation click on my head. You are sent here. Massive banner. Intriguing benefit. Click through.

Banner up to each affiliate opportunity through your sidebar, post-post, pre-post, in post body, wherever you want to do it. Banners snag your attention. Use them.


Tip 6: Sell What Vibes with Your Blog


My readers want to generate cash online. Using hootsuite pro helps my readers prosper on auto-pilot. My readers demand a reliable hosting solution for their blogs or business websites. Enter hostmonster. My readers want to make money online through twitter. Enter sponsored tweets.

Would you sell rich, calorie-laden brownies outside of a Weight Watchers Convention? Why would I sell the latest and greatest dog food here, on a blog where I teach people how to live the internet lifestyle? I sell a dream. I mean, check out the picture below of me chilling in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Yes I look like Cobra Commander and for good reason; construction in one part of town has created epically dusty conditions. But I am enjoying every freaking’ minute of my journey. I am absolutely floored and grateful to be living the internet lifestyle.

My readers vibe with what I do and how I can benefit them. I write about a theme. Each product I sell needs to vibe with the theme. Since I sell what vibes with my readers I am far more likely to boost my affiliate marketing sales.


Tip 7: Write an In Depth Post Explaining How to Boost Affiliate Marketing Sales


This one makes sense, right? Explain. Build your posture. Build your authority. Boost affiliate marketing sales. If you know how to increase sales and share your secrets, guess what? Your affiliate sales will increase. Call it karma. What you dish out returns multiplied in a wonderful way.


Tip 8: Improve Your Posture


Money flows to the calm, confident person. Calm, confident people do not send out tweets linked to affiliate sales pages saying, “Buy this product now!” Why the hell would I buy your product? Who are you? What benefits do I received by buying?

Desperate people do not think through their affiliate marketing campaign. Affiliate marketing pros have posture. Desperate people chase. Affiliate marketing pros create in-depth resources, impress potential buyers, and then, the buyers buy. So buyers come to people with posture and run away from people with little or no posture.

I sell hootsuite pro. You are darn sure that I will link up to resources and sales pages here. But I will never chase you. I will explain the benefits. I will help you visualize how hootsuite pro can improve your life. But I will not chase you down. I will not force you to buy, or attempt to force you to buy, because I learned from pros that posturing people succeed online and desperate people fail.


Tip 9: Make it Easy for Buyers to See Benefits


B and B. Buyers and benefits. Why would you use hostmonster for your hosting solution? Well click on the darn link already of course but, other than that, you can:

  1. Save yourself hour’s worth of headaches by plugging in to helpful tech support
  2. Save yourself worry by using a reliable hosting solution; this means your site will rarely go down
  3. Save yourself time and energy by navigating through an intuitive backoffice

What do you have? Time. You either save or waste time. You either use time effectively or ineffectively. Using hostmonster saves you time, time you can better spend on a night out with the family, or on a weekend getaway to the beach.

Or maybe, if you diligently work at creating value and making connections, you might just build up a nice roll of cash, and while you are traveling the world, chilling in places like Kathmandu, Nepal, you can rest easy, knowing that your hosting solution keeps your site live while you roam the streets of this intriguing city. Yeah, me again.

But whatever the case, I make the sale and boost my affiliate marketing sales because I help you easily see why my product or service benefits you.


Tip 10: Write about Your Product or Service…..Frequently


Linking up is one part of the game. Writing about your friendly solution frequently maxes out your affiliate marketing sales. I admit, taking this approach feels uncomfortable to newbie sellers. People who are damned broke, or who feel weird about money, might criticize you. Reject their broke thoughts. Write. About hootsuite pro, or hostmonster, and do it frequently, to improve your sales and change lives.

Remember that each sale you make solves a series of problems. Each new buyer finds a solution. You are doing a really, really good thing so fear not writing frequently about your offering. Post away my friends!


Tip 11: Sell the Dream


This one dovetails nicely on Tip 9. Sell a dream. After making a buy, The Peoples Program (non affiliate but gotta mention), or ghostwriting, or hootsuite pro, or hostmonster will help you live your dreams. My ghostwriting services will help you live your dreams. My inspirational ebook will help you live your dreams.

You see the pictures. Petting tigers? Are you kidding me? What a dream. I know you are living your dreams or at least you plan on living your dreams and I have the product which helps you live your dreams.

Big, bright, shiny pictures. Use them. Big, bright, shiny words. Use them. Sell a dream to boost sales.


Tip 12: Persist


You might use each one of these tips. Yet 1 day passes, and you see no increase in sales. No worries. Persist. 2 days, pass, no sales. No worries. Persist. Maybe on the third day you see a spike, an increase of 10 sales. Great! Persist. Keep at it. Learn and implement all you need to know to succeed online.

Here at Cash with a True Conscience I am huge on doing things from a karmic, high energy space. This means persistently using high energy, nurturing, loving principles through thick and thin. So keep at it. Stick with it. I promise, your hostmonster sales will improve, as will your hootsuite pro sales. Sell what you use and believe in. Follow these tips. Persist.




You have the tips. Get cracking!

How do you increase affiliate marketing sales?

What tips can you add to this list?

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