12 Tips for Monetizing Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

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I get it. You want to make money online. You want to make money on Facebook. Or twitter. I have been there.

I know because I was one of those guys. I was one of the peeps who wanted to prosper without really doing what it took to prosper. I wanted fast money. I wanted easy money. I can say it took me 4 years to do social media right. Why? My mindset needed some expanding. My awareness needed some expanding. I was hungry to succeed alright but I forget the basics.

Are you pissed off at your social media returns? Fed up with Facebook? Troubled at your twitter prospects? Well do this 1 thing. Right now.

Picture yourself taking money out of an ATM machine. Walk up to your machine of choice. Great. Enter your PIN code. Look over shoulder. Nobody looking over? Good. Secure. Safe. Enter dollar amount. OK, hit the “Yes” or “OK” button. Take your cash out. Take your receipt. Have a great day. Spend freely. Excellent.

Now visit your Facebook profile. Do you see an interface for taking out money? No. Where do you enter your PIN number? Where do you insert your ATM card? No where. You cannot make money online through Facebook. Ain’t gonna happen. You can communicate through Facebook. Just like at the local coffee shop, or via Skype, or via a phone call, or through email, or through twitter.

Facebook, twitter and Google Plus are mediums through which you communicate. Monetizing your social media campaign is like monetizing a phone call or monetizing a meeting in the coffee shop. Not possible. Not gonna happen. Which is why most people struggle to build prospering relationships on social networks.

“The money on social networking sites resides in the pockets of social networking friends who can tell you are not after their money.” ~ Ryan Biddulph

Does that one work for you? I make money online by not trying to get people to give me money. I make money online by making friends. I make money online by talking to people. By thanking people, by sharing people’s content, and asking people questions and providing answers to people’s questions. This is how I make money online. This is how you can monetize your social media marketing campaign.

Here at Cash with a True Conscience we like doing things from a high energy, karmic space. With that idea in mind it is time to dive into the tips. Karma. Karma. Karma.


1: Monetize After Making


Make content. Make relationships. Or, create content, create relationships. Money flows to Facebook users who create value and make plenty of good friends. Monetizing happens effortlessly for free givers. Make, make, make. Hold the idea in mind before you desperately attempt to make money on sites like twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.

Make. Make. Make. Create. Connect. Make. Make. Make. Create. Connect.


2: Money Responds to Value


Why does nobody talk online business with you on twitter? Because you tweet poor content. Why do no potential cash gifting or mlm team members contact you through social media sites? Money runs from people who try to get before giving.

Open twitter. Or hootsuite. See the noise? Can you get why few people make money online? Can you get why few people use Hootsuite Pro effectively? Selfishness. People want money. People post affiliate links. People create noise. Nobody cares. Really. You will learn this the hard way like I did. Or you will make cents or dollars instead of hundreds of thousands of dollars, all because you never learned that….

Money responds to value…

Why is this? Sowing and reaping of course because what you put out returns freely. Like cash gifting, or the idea of philanthropy, if you offer cash freely or offer value freely money will find you with alarming ease. So before you want to share your squeeze age for the 14,547th time on Facebook, create a helpful post. Share on Facebook. Tweet it. Money on social networking sites, where the real money hangs, well, it will follow the value you generously create for others.


3: Talk a Ton


I swear, if you take 1 tip away from this post just talk a lot. Not so much about yourself though, because you do not buy from you. Other people buy from you. Friends buy from you. I read last week – or saw on video – that Gary Vaynerchuk responds to all tweets because the fortune is in getting inside people’s heads.

Think it through; people will bring you problems to solve. People will aggressively promote you. Most cool, as Gary says, is that after building a friendship with someone you can privately ask them to promote your online business venture or buy your product and many people will do it. Honestly, if you talk with these folks, and simply listen to them, and respond, and chat, and engage with like 100 chatty tweets daily, honest to goodness, money will flow to you easily. Really easily because you will build trust and gain the loyalty of your friends. Trusting people buy stuff from you. Monetizing your social media marketing campaign 101.


4: Continuing Conversations Build Fortunes


I chat with you today on twitter. Then tomorrow. The following day. The next. I have a friend. You have a friend. You might promote me, or buy my inspirational ebook, or join my cash gifting team, or hire me out as a ghostwriter. You like me. I like you. Prospering. Both parties benefit.

Persistence built the prospering. Make money online by persistently engaging the same people. Persistently engage new people. Guys I cannot stress enough how much easier your job becomes if you will talk to people who are already interested in what you have to offer. Likes and retweets are the goldmines. Stop ignoring the obvious. Start talking to fans and friends. Persistently. Consistently.


5: Write Kick Ass Posts


Have you noticed a change on Cash with a True Conscience? I have. Same deal on my other blog. I intend to write a resource. Resources rock. I want someone to visit and say, “Fab post, I am done researching. What can I buy? Can I hire this guy? Join his team? Well yes, or no, but hell yeah I want to share this post.”

Monetizing follows value we know but monetizing your social networks quickly means providing authoritative, well-thought-out, planned, comprehensive, kick butt posts. Like, I sell a dream. So I stop rushing. I need to make the dream part of my blog. So you see my big old noggin up top by Promthep Cape in Phuket, one of my favorite spots on earth.

Picture seeing Perfection; this is Promthep Cape. I spent many sundowns snapping sundowns that CANNOT be recreated, I just cannot do these scenes justice, trying to capture on camera, or to create a narrative through words. So this moving experience, that you must see, at some time in your life, this is part of the story, the message here on Cash with a True Conscience, and if I want to truly as astounding resource that will be share on Facebook, twitter and Google Plus, via my blog posts, I gotta sell the dream.

Here is a shot I snapped by Promthep Cape of a stunning sunset. Enjoy :)

By Promthep Cape, Phuket, Thailand

Write kick ass posts.


6: You Are Really Selling a Dream on Social Networking Sites


Make money online? Bleah. Nobody cares. Maybe a few broke people who chase money. Generate cash? Bleah. Broke jokes might buy in on Facebook or Twitter…or….

“Imagine gazing upon the most beautiful garden you have ever seen. When Kelli and I lived in a Javanese villa in Lodtunduh, Bali we had to drive our motorbike 5 minutes THROUGH the rice fields to reach the villa wall. We were met by foot long Tokay Geckos who sounded like elephants running up and down our walls and on our roof at night. We were treated to brilliant sunset shots, hundreds of bats flittering overhead as darkness crept in, a 4 foot long water monitor feasting on rotten eggs placed on the picturesque altar placed in our backyard. The garden was amazing; so many colors playing off of one another. Can you taste this vision? Can you see yourself lazing in a hammock with us in the rice fields? Click Here Now.(Insert Link of Choice)”

Hmmmmm…..which advertisement does it for you? The dream scenario of course because you want what is on the other side of money. You want to invisible why in the visible what, or the freedom you can experience by acquiring money. Paint a pretty dream on social networking sites to attract cash quickly.

OK, now I must share the picture. I snapped this one from our villa in Lodtunduh, Bali. Enjoy!

7: Persistence Makes You Money


Show up once a day for the rest of your online business life. 2 or 3 times if you prefer. But do show up once to remain fresh in memory, to make an impact. People seek out persistent social media buddies. You are inspired by the guy or gal who shows up no matter what.

I liken this to programming friends on a subconscious level. Ryan Biddulph. World Traveler. Live internet lifestyle. (Insert Cave Man voice here)…..Success. Success. Value. Gotta buy. Gotta hire. Gotta join. I swear, if you will show up daily to interact or if you can show up daily by using tools and interacting at least 5 to 6 days a week you will make all that money that the One Night Stand types leave on the table.

I usually outlast people. That is all. I create. I connect. But at the end of the day you will remember me more than most people because I showed up daily.


8: Know Why You Want to Make Money Online


I tell all my new Peoples Program cash gifting team members that unless they know why they wish to prosper online they are dead. They will fail. Without a “why” you are done. The emotion must be overpowering. The emotion must propel you to do freeing but terribly uncomfortable things.

Once you have an overpowering “Why” in mind you follow good advice. You trust. You let go. You write brilliant posts because you studied and modeled brilliant sponsors. You inspire masses of people. The money flows in because you tied your intent to something pure like being free and helping others to be free. Good money.

Stop trying to monetize social sites just to make money. You ain’t going far. Been there done that. Tie your reason “why” to something intangible because it is the invisible “why” in the visible “what” that drives you. The feeling of being free drives most of us on some level. The wildly successful, brilliant, world-changing ones among us are driven by making a difference, by sharing that same exact freedom with as many people as possible.


9: Be Timely


But not too timely. Do not promise a 1 day turnaround because doing so moves your attention away from responding to everybody in the proper order. This one WILL burn you if you ignore it, I know personally, because obsessing over 1 person or a few people by promising a quick response time ignores the old but untouched engagements which sit in your inbox.

Take your time. Panic scares away people. If you respond to a desperate person you send off a desperate vibe to the Universe and desperate people – you and the desperate, impatient personal – get desperate, poor results. This means you make little if any money online.

Effectively monetizing your social media campaign means scrolling back to your oldest responses, or Likes, or retweets, or Plus 1′s and responding to these folks from latest to newest. This practice creates order in your mind like no other social practice. I admit, this strategy has given me more peace of mind than any on social networks. Everybody is responded to in turn. How long it takes matters not because people who buy in will wait and realize how goldang busy you are.

It is an energy thing, and a thing that most people – even successful ones – are damn uncomfortable embracing, but posturing individuals know better.


10: Be Transparent


The guy who travels worldwide once had 4 cents. I share my story. I was a miserable, depressed, broke, angry wreck 4 years ago. I needed a change. I needed to prosper. I was a broke joke. I prospered by sharing my story. Being transparent helps you connect with social media buddies who share your pain.

If I am a success, and ONLY paint myself as a success, lying about my results, or hiding away my lean years, my social media marketing campaign lacks the story power to inspire people to trust me. Trusted people tell a big league story. An astounding story.

Share successes and failures. Before I lived a globe-trotting internet lifestyle I struggled like hell to make a few dollars. Literally, to make a few dollars. The fortune lies in the story told, from failure to success.


11: Open Channels


Ghostwriting. Cash gifting. Adsense. Affiliate marketing. ebook sales. Paid guest posts. I open quite a few channels through which I can prosper. So at month’s end the cash flows in through multiple channels.

Multiple sources of incomes help in monetizing your social media marketing campaign because it all adds up nicely. Imagine seeing a check from one direction, then another, then another. Then, if you are doing things from a prosperity conscious space, as you make money online you will make money offline.

401k accounts, pensions, savings accounts. Invest! Multiply your money. Feeling prospering by opening up channels helps you tap into unlimited abundance with increasing ease.


12: Use Tools


I swear by Hootsuite Pro. Use tools to save time. I cannot stay up 24 hours a day to send out updates around the clock. I do not have the time to post to over 100 social media groups. With tools you can automate process. Delegate tasks to people or apps who handle the task easily.

Use tools. Save time. Save energy. Devote the time and energy saved toward enjoying your life away from the computer and spend it on constructing masterful pieces of content. Prosper on social media sites.

Watch as I discuss.

12 Tips for Monetizing Your Social Media Campaign by Ryan Biddulph




Help yourself by creating and connecting. Stop trying to force money through social sites like an ATM. Communicate. Listen. Chat. Prosper.

How do you monetize social media websites?

What are you doing now for effectively monetizing your social media campaign?

Please share this post on all of your social networks. I appreciate your support!

- Image http://www.flickr.com/photos/76657755@N04/

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